November 24, 2015

Well my friends, just when we think it doesn't get any does!  
Shopping ban as of Jan 2016 anyone? haha  (so we still got time to shop ;)

I've never seen such a good Tory Burch Sale - 30% off including sale items (on orders $250+ which is extremely easy at Tory Burch).  I've rounded up my favorites which include some deals you just can't miss. Especially the riding boots and the bags that are an additional 30% off. So go ahead and treat yourself (or someone else #sharingiscaring )

Click on each item for more info

November 23, 2015

Shirt sold out - similar here and here  /  Jeans old - similar here and here / Booties similar here and here  / Bag - love this option for less  / Necklace old - gorgeous options here and here / Sunglasses / Watch

November 22, 2015

goodbye to the beautiful November we had up until a couple of days ago. 

I've recommended this long button down quite a few times already and still do.  
Here is the last time I wore it. It's also great under sweaters, it tucks easily and stays put. 

Shirt - half off right now 
Jeans: Hudson 
Shoes: Nordstrom
Bag: Henri Bendel
Watch: Kate Spade
Cuff: BaubleBar

What a huge difference in weather a couple of weeks makes. From 75 degrees, when we took these pictures, down to 20's and snow on Friday/Saturday (which seems more appropriate for November but no complains about higher temps either ;)

Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend!

November 18, 2015

Sweater (size S. xs would have been a good fit too) / Infinity Scarf - on sale! + comes in multiple colors / Jeans - similar for less/ Boots - similar for less  / Bag - now on major sale!  / Sunglasses

So my slight problem with gray sweaters might be becoming a slightly larger problem. Especially when you're shopping with a friend and are not planning on getting anything for yourself and then an amazing gray sweater jumps in your face! 
 What's a girl to do?  Pretend you didn't see it? 
Right!  You grab it and run to the fitting room trying not to knock down anyone down on your way there.

And while you're running to the fitting room you ask yourself why you're even going to try it on?! It's a perfect shade of's soft.and even though they don't have your size you go for a size larger just because patience is not your virtue and you have to wear it as soon as possible #outofbreath

And then you check out!

Also, in case you missed it, Nordstrom is still having a sale on a ton of their items, but I focused on boots because boot season is here (and staying for a while).
I rounded-up my favorites.

1 - also in wide calf (gets great reviews)  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7  / 8

November 16, 2015

Cold weather is upon us whether we like it or not. 

Even though November has spoiled us with nice weather up here, for the most part, the temps are dropping. I wanted to create some looks to inspire myself to dress put together this fall/winter as the temps are slowly dropping. 

When I dress well I feel better.  It affects my attitude, my confidence, how I go about my day. 
Any of you feel this way too? 

I find majority of these pieces to be closet essentials. I call them 'feel good pieces' haha

I have some similar items in my closet already, and other ones have been on my wish-list (especially the Sperry duck boots and Sorel boots.). 

Look #1: 

J.Crew Peacoat - I tried on size 2 and it fit well (0 felt a little snug). 
Bag - select colors on sale
 Hat / Gloves / Lipgloss in Turkish Delight - my favorite color / Watch

Look #2

Coat - comes in many colors - 30% off w/code SHOPNOW
Jeans (similar under $40)
Boots - on sale! Great investment boots
Lipstick (limited edition case. makes a great gift too)
Tote (or this RM tote on major sale)
 / Watch / Earrings 

Look #3
Coat - in love with this style (gets great reviews)
Boots (also love this color)
Bag - take 25% off (obsessed) 
Scarf  /  Beanie  /  Gloves /  Socks /  Lip Treatment

Down Coat (go for the belted ones)
Cable Knit Sweater - 40% off w/code RUSH
Jeans - 40% off 
Boots  (also love these. Super light)
Leather Bag (under $60)  / Circle Scarf /  Mittens  / Lipstick 

Which outfit is your favorite?