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OOTD and an upcoming mini blog sale

 I've been MIA, I know. This past week and half have been super busy, but I'm back now. I've few more outfits to post but I'll start with today's outfit. Once again the pictures were taken in the bathroom at work., except the first one. 

Blazer: H&M
Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: Forever21/Love21
Shoes: Nine West
Belt: JCrew
Tights: Sis bought in Europe
Ring: H&M

I think I might have a blog sale, just a few items.  I need to look through my closet again and really depart from clothes I haven't worn in a while. It's hard because I like them but it's pointless to have them and not wear them. Most of them are size XS/S but once I post the pictures I'll put the exact size. I might be posting the sale items tomorrow, so look out for that. 

Have a fabulous evening! 




  1. i love the beautiful red skirt and the tights!! very lovely look.

  2. love this outfit!!

  3. Love the printed tights! Can't wait for the blog sale tomorrow.

  4. love that outfit! those tights are so pretty!!

  5. Thank you ladies :)

  6. Very cute outfit! the tights are awesome! can't wait for the blog sale! <3

  7. Whoa, this outfit is amazing! I love everything about it. The tights are so cool - I have a some patterned tights (not as bold!) and I always have trouble making the pattern lie "straight"! Is there a trick?

  8. Those patterned tights are amazing. Love the H&M Blazer too - I think it's quite popular at the moment - the printed cuffs are so stylish!

    Good luck with your blog sale!

  9. heeej draga, divan blog, prelepe kombinacije!
    pratim teee! :)

  10. @Dijana - puno hvala. Drago mi je cuti nas jezik ovdje :-)

  11. Love this skirt - u look fab today!

  12. I LOVE your pink skirt with the sequence top!!


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