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Warm Winter Boots

I finally found a warm pair of boots I like! I wanted something different, something warm but stylish at the same time.  Didn't want to spend a lot of money even though if you live in cold climates a warm pair of boots would be an investment (that's what I kept telling myself at least). So last week my hubby asked what color I liked (did he get tired of listening to how cold  my feet are? lol).   He placed an order on Thursday afternoon (last week) and by next day, Friday before noon, the boots arrived (I have to say that Zappos' shipping is the BEST...shipping in less than 24H can't be beat). Can you imagine my excitement?!  The winner: Ugg Kensington Boots in color Toast

Another reason I really liked these is that they are waterproof. I first thought about Ugg Bailey Button Triplet but after reading reviews I decided that buying a pair that is not waterproof wouldn't be a good idea (not sure if they are or aren't waterproof but after those reviews I didn't want to take a chance).

So now my feet are warm and happy which = to a happy Lilly :-D

Hope you are having a great Thursday!


  1. I can't wait to see what these look like on and once you style them! I'm sitting here right next to the fire, sweatshirt and uggs on.....warm waterproof boots sound like heaven, haha.

  2. I usually am not a fan of Uggs, but these are super cute! All the warmth and fuzziness of normal Uggs but with a major style factor added. Sounds awesome .

  3. Love your new shoes!! I'm excited for you to have warm feet(cold feet are the worst)

    Have a great Christmas!!


  4. Very nice! I need to get myself some good winter proof boots too, asap since the snow isn't going away!


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