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Red lips

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To me, red lips add an instant touch of glamour. I've always admired Gwen Stefani's minimal makeup with red lips look, just gorgeous!  As much as I love red lips I'm not sure I'm brave enough to wear it out if public. A pigmented tinted gloss might be a good start. It doesn't scream "look at me"...which some of the red lipsticks do but in a good way. 

Yesterday while at Sephora I talked my sister into buying one. She likes red lips  as well and just like me is somewhat hesitant to wear it. She has nice skin complexion and I think the ones she tried looked good on her. One of the sales associated put the YSL lipstick on her (I think it was Le Rouge, not sure).  I told her to think about it while we browse. I saw her 10min later and asked if she tried to take it off and she said no. I actually was a little disappointed that the color didn't seem to last long, it faded quite a bit.  For $30 I would expect it to last a lot longer that 10-15min. So we ended up going to Macy's and we both bought one...she bought red, I did not buy red...I bought Hue.  :)

So maybe I'll start wearing red lipstick around the house first.

Do you wear red lipstick? 


  1. I looooove the look of red lips and i've just recently been brave enough to wear it (or some form of a dark lipstick) out in public. Bite the bullet and do it! It's so fun!

  2. I love how Anne Hathaway wears it. My fave products for red lips are Smashbox Double Take in Cranberry and NARS in Diablo. I color my lips in with liner and then put lipstick on top and keep it matte. I feel like it last longer that way. I love red! Go for it!

  3. I think that's a great idea. It's like breaking in a new pair of shoes before braving the public :)

    I too, love red lips. I'm imagining the face as a nude palette which makes the red stand out. My skin is terrible though so I think it'll be really hard for me to pull off red lips. Can't wait to see you wearing hue then (hopefully?) red!

  4. ah, i love red lips! i try to wear it every-so-often; however, i never look as good as these ladies. so i rarely do it.

  5. I love love love this look at well, I'm just too pale to pule it off. I don't know something about my skin tone or hair color, it just doesn't work for me. The only thing I can wear on my lips is a very light pink, but I could just not be pushing the envelope enough. I wish I could look this great with red lipstick on!

  6. I think you should try it!!! I've only gotten into the bold colors recently (past year or so) and bought a red a few months ago. I don't wear it often, but sometimes it adds a nice something to an outfit. I got some cheap Wet and Wild color though, just to test it out.

  7. You picked some great photos of red lips - Cameron Diaz looks amazing!

    I went through a LONG period where I only wore clear gloss or gold-y nudes on my lips. I thought I had to stay away from darker lipsticks because I have thin lips...but that is not lips can really brighten up your look.

    When I'm not feeling as bold, I layer the red lipstick under my gold-y tones it down, but gives me the colour and definition that I need.

  8. Penelope's my favourite. I feel self-conscious when I wear red lipstick but I do like it once in a while... but it's rather high maintenance...

  9. I do sometimes wear red lips but only those days were i am feeling extra confident. Red would look good on you :-)

  10. I love red lips and wear them frequently. One of my faves is MAC Viva Glam I b/c it's a matte red (I use it for vintage styles and for stage makeup). A good, brighter creme red is MAC Red.

  11. I wore red lips for THE FIRST TIME EVER on NYE.
    It was alot of fun...but would ONLY do it for a special occasion- A bit too dramatic for the everyday for me.


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