OOTD: All checkered up

Shirt: Target (recent, love it)

Cardi: ? Old

Pants: Zara

Boots: Sam Edelman

Belt: The Limited

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Ring: The Limited

Wow, it’s already February 1st ladies, that is crazy. Where did January go?! Actually, it’s ok…Spring will be here sooner. But not until we get a snow blizzard. Tomorrow. Am I looking forward to it? No. I’m looking forward to the office being closed? Totally! So maybe all this snow coming our way might be alright…as long as I can look at it through my living room window, all cozy on the couch with some hot cocoa (green tea will do too).

(don’t ask me what the title of this post means)

I’m out! Have a FABULOUS Tuesday, Seriously, be determined to have an fab, awesome Tuesday!



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  1. 2.1.11
    Nikki said:

    Cute!!! Love the outfit today!!

  2. 2.1.11
    Lindsay [Bella Cene'] said:

    Great outfit!We got an impromptu day off in Dallas due to this freak weather! It was just sunny and nice yesterday! Now it's snowing and iced over. lol

  3. 2.1.11
    Casual Chic said:

    just discovered your blog and i really like your style!maybe we could follow each other?take a look at my blog if you like..

  4. 2.1.11
    Rissy said:

    you're so itty bitty!very cute ensemble!

  5. 2.1.11
    mirjam schuurkamp! said:

    thans for the lovely comment!i really like the outfit!nd your hair is so prettyy!xo model from hollandnew post Online,Come check it outwww.mirfashion.blogspot.comeveryday a new post

  6. 2.1.11
    Carly said:

    those BOOTS! I couldn't love them more!I hope Sam Edelman looks as great for spring…can't wait to pick up a few pairs of killer shoes from him.C

  7. 2.2.11
    Running On Happiness said:

    Love the gingham checks. And the boots. Beautiful as always. And stay inside and don't leave your house! I have hear some crazy stories where it is taking people 14 hours to get home when it would normally only take an hour and then they have to leave their cars on the highway because they ran out of gas. SO NUTS!!XO, KatieRunning on Happiness

  8. 2.2.11
    Keirasluckycharm said:

    Cute like usual. I love the green cardi. I hope you had a great Tuesday =)

  9. 2.2.11
    Fanny said:

    i love that green with your square shirt, very pretty xwww.thefashionmom.com

  10. 2.2.11
    lisa said:

    your outfit is sooo cute!! love the green 🙂 i'm hosting a birdcage bangle giveaway please stop by and check it out :)!www.lisalovescoco.blogspot.com

  11. 2.2.11
    Betherboo said:

    I love the gingham with the bright cardigan. And that necklace is so pretty!Carrie

  12. 2.3.11
    Lilly said:

    Thank you ladies on your sweet comments 🙂

  13. 2.3.11
    Jenni said:

    Just browsing through your blog and I wanted to tell you I love your style. Can you come live with me and help me pick out outfits every morning? Kthanks. 🙂 Have a great day!

  14. 2.4.11
    Brittany-Trends250 said:

    ahhh i love this outfit! i think it all goes together so good. i don't own hardly any button up shirts at all, but i really like this look and how you put it together. i'm going to try it out!brittany

  15. 2.7.11
    dani said:

    Loving this gray and green color combination! 🙂

  16. 2.14.11
    Teresa: Life and Style said:

    I love this outfit, so cute!Teresawww.teresalifeandstyle.blogspot.com