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Comfy is my style!

            Jacket: Aeropostale, Shirt: The Limited (old), Cargo pants: Candie's Kohls, Shoes: Simply Vera Wang Kohls, Belt: The Limited, Scarf: H&M, Bracelets: H&M and Gap

Feeling comfortable in what you wearing is very important. Otherwise is just pure awkward...(speaking from experience here). As much as one might like something if it isn't you...move on.  

Each time I post pictures I realize that I haven't been using my tripod. I find it a little hard having to set up the 10 seconds timer, run and pose for pictures (sometimes my Mr. takes the pictures but for some reason I don't like waiting until 5:30pm to take them).  Having a remote would help a ton but I'm not sure if they make one for my little camera. Until I figure out something else you'll be seeing more work-bathroom-mirror pictures :)

How do you take your outfit pictures?

I base my fashion sense on what doesn't itch. ~Gilda Radner


  1. I love the scarf! If you don't mind, how much was it at The Limited? J Crew has a version out that is kind of pricey right now, but I still want it!

  2. I paid $13 for it at H&M. Hopefully you'll be able to find it :)

  3. Super cute! I love that scarf. I'm going to have to check out H&M! Be sure to stop by my blog this week for some giveaways.

  4. I feel the same way about the tripod! I like snapping my own pictures in front of my mirror and then going out the door!
    I have very little patience these days ;)

  5. Love it Lilly mix-master, lol

  6. comfy is my style too!! LOVE this outfit- so cute!


  7. Haha too true... I've felt so awkward many times because I've worn things that simply weren't "me".

    Love the scarf!

  8. I'm all about comfy! I'll have to get those pants as soon as this pregnancy is over! :) Love your posing too, BTW :)

  9. cute outfits!! I'm your newest follower.. :)

  10. adorable, i love the stripes and leopard combo!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. You look comfy and chic all in one, loving it.
    I found you over at Smation and we have teo things in common: 1) I aslo sat on a cactus when I was little. 2) I don't have a remote for my camera either so I set up the shot and wait for the timer, run back and do it all over again.


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