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I'm happy because....

Gingham Shirt: Old Navy
Cardi: Gap Outlet
Pants: J. Crew Factory
Shoes: AE via Payless
Necklace: Gap Outlet
Bracelets: H&M

I'm happy to see the Sun shining. I'm happy to be one day closer to the weekend. I'm happy to have finally set up an appointment to get my highlights. I'm happy to take a trip to St. Louis, MO next week with my sister to see our Mom.

I'm NOT happy about the fact that I'm going to be 4 nights away from my Mr. next week while in St. Louis! I need to start thinking how I'm going to make it that long without him (go ahead, call me a big baby).

Have you been away from your better half for a short or long period of time?  How do you survive? (ok, I've moved on from being a big baby to being slightly dramatic)  Don't judge ;-)


p.s. now it's your turn to tell me what you are happy about
(I need to make this a regular thing)


  1. Love the shirt and necklace combo! I'm oh, so happy I took off work tomorrow to go to Opening Day :)

  2. Love that shirt with that necklace. So different!

    I traveled a lot for work and we use Skype video chat. Really makes being away a lot easier.

    I'm happy tomorrow is FRIDAY!

  3. you look very cute! shopping makes me happy, hehe.

  4. Hehehe, whine away, Lilly. I'm not judging at all. Bf recently left on a vacation, and won't be back for a few weeks! It's funny how easy I've gotten used to living with someone, and now that they're gone, it's like I'm missing a part of me! And to think we managed just fine one summer a few years ago where we only saw each other twice in the span of 3 months!

    Looking great as always! I like the unexpected leopard print flats.

  5. love the outfit! that shirt is gorgeous how you styled it with the jacket and necklace.

    as for happiness? I'm happy that I have my family!

  6. Hey Lilly! What an adorable outfit, it totally reminds me of something my friend Liz from 26 and counting would where (if you know her, you know this is a compliment). I'm happy you're happy. ;)

  7. Just found your blog via Smashion lounge! Love your style and outfit!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  8. It's tough being away from your husband, mine came home for 2 weeks after being in Iraq for 5 months and now we have 6 more months to go...totally stinks! He is a Major in the Army so while it is tough I'm very proud of him. Hope your time in St. Louis worthwhile and you're back home again quickly!

  9. love your outfit, this is also so my style ! x

  10. Anonymous1/07/2013

    I have that same button up I bought on clearance from Old Navy. I have been trying forever to figure out a cute way to wear it. Thanks!


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