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Not one but two outfits for ya

 Trousers: The Loft ($9)
Shirt: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Ring: H&M

I was waiting for a little warmer weather to wear these trousers. When I bought them I couldn't wait to wear them and had an amazing outfit in mind. Time came to wear them, today it's in 50's, and for the life of me I could NOT remember what top I wanted to wear with these pants...all I know it was NOT this one or the other three tops I tried on this morning. And I most definitely didn't plan on looking all matchy-matchy!   Perhaps I should start writing stuff down or taking pictures of the items together?!

Anyway.....below is Monday's outfit and I forgot to snap outfit pictures from yesterday...I even loved my outfit yesterday....

So I decided to be rebellious on Monday and wear jeans! They're dark wash so that's my excuse...oh, and the whole time change messed up everything so I just threw on clothes rather than walking out in my robe.  This seriously looks more like a casual Friday outfit.... but the beauty is that my boss before I even started working here told me that we don't have to dress fancy... To me that meant I can wear jeans and a shirt with a bike and hearts on it...on a Monday!

Shirt: Target (love this shirt)
Cardi: Banana Republic
Jeans: AE
Shoes: Simply Vera Wang
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: ? Old
Necklace work are bracelets - old

Oh, and my hair finally got a much needed trim a whole inch and half...and my bangs are short. I liked them for 17 min and then disliked them after that...and nothing has changed since (they are side-sweped though). And my layers are mostly gone...didn't realize I would miss them so much. They'll be coming back..the layers...

Hope you are having a fabulous, sunny Wednesday!


  1. Your hair looks fabulous! When I first got my long layers shortened to shorter layers (or is it the other way around? basically, my layers are now similar in length), I missed my old layers too! But you'll get used to them! ^^

    I love those trousers on you! They look AMAZING with the nude pumps. Your casual outfit is so playful, too -- I am a big fan of the pops of red!

  2. Love them both! The trousers look amazing on you. Still need a pair! I also love that cute little shirt from Target.

  3. love your two outfits lily one is so business chic and the other one is so cute!! i love the floating hearts and all the red accents you used in the 2nd outfit!

  4. Lilly, that Target tee is oh-so-cute! You really do find the best deals at that store. I really should take note and start going there regularly.

  5. Thanks for the comment :)

    I love your blog! You have such great style. I really love the loft pants you found - they fit you so nicely!

  6. I love both outfits. You look absolutely gorgeous!

  7. i really love the first outfit! and $9?! really?! that's amazing!

    The Classy Confidante

  8. So cute!!
    Love the mix of the 2nd and I love the refinement of the first.

  9. Love your style! It's so effortless chic:)

  10. for not being what you dreamed of it's still a lovely outfit.

    Write it in Lipstick

  11. I really like the striped button-up; fits you nicely!!

  12. love your rings in both outfits! and that bicycle heart shirt is soooo cute! xx

  13. I love that shirt! I can't wait until we get a Target in Canada ... finally!

  14. That t-shirt is so cute!! and I love the turq necklace on your other outfit post...great looks :)


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