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Spring fever

Jacket: Old Navy
Chambray Shirt: Target
Skirt: F21 ($5.50)
Shoes: Target
Belt: F21
Ring: F21

Not to talk about weather again but I do have to mention that I'm beyond's supposed to be 65 degrees today! Awesome I tell ya (even though it's supposed to rain later today).

Warmer weather means bare legs, finally. I've been wanting to wear this skirt I bought few months ago (yes, full price was $5.50) with flats and bare legs. I bought it in Large as I didn't want it to be extremely tight.

What are you looking forward to the most this spring?

Now put a smile on your pretty face and enjoy this beautiful day!


Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.  Let the rain sing you a lullaby.  ~Langston Hughes


  1. Oh I just love it!! I may have to copy but my striped skirt is a maxi! great idea!

    Amber's Notebook

  2. Gasp! I love those little flats! How cute! I was just in Target too, but I didn't see those. I also love that skirt!

  3. Very cute! Love this look!

  4. Thank you girls :)

    @Beautygirl24 - I bought these last summer but I did see them about a month ago. Wish I would've bought another pair as these ones are falling apart :(

  5. There you again with your fantastic mixing! I'm such a broken record :)
    Love it, especially the stripes. You always look fab!

  6. Very cute ... i'm loving florals mixed with stuff. Saw a blogger do it with military and it look really good! I can't believe how cheap that skirt was, great find!

  7. I love the chambray shirt!

    And awesome job on finding a skirt for 5.50! I found mine at F21 for that price as well, but it was just plain black.

    Great outfit!


  8. I never would have guessed, but stripes and chambray look fantastic together! Love this outfit, Lilly.

  9. Lovin' the skirt :)

  10. Way to go on shopping without splurging and spending too much. I loved those flats when I saw them at Target. Such a cute spring item :)


  11. adore the chambray w/ the striped skirt. i cant believe that skirt was only $5!! xx

  12. I love the chambray! That skirt is pretty amazing also :)

  13. i love the striped skirt!! and it looks great paired with the chambray top. i'll have to try out this look too!

    cute & little

  14. You look like you could step onto a yacht for a day of boating! Love love love this look:)))
    Especially the skirt.

  15. cute skirt

  16. Love this!! I don't remember seeing your face before - you're beautiful!

    And thanks for the pairing ideas you posted on my blog for the seersucker skirt - I'll definitely be trying them out. :)

    Have a great weekend Lilly!

  17. That skirt is amazing.. Bare legs rule!

  18. i LOVE that skirt and what a deal you got with it... that's why F21 is so amazing ;)

  19. i love that skirt paired with that jacket! hope u had a nice weekend!

    <3 megan

  20. Cute outfit! I have that skirt too but in black and gray - I'm saving this for future inspiration!


  21. Love the mix of patterns! What a DEAL too!

  22. I'm seriously in love with this outfit. I love the shoe and skirt pattern combo.


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