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I like it

This purse reminds me of Michael Kors Hamilton...for less

Something more budget friendly

Strappy Open Toe Sandal  (only $18.70)

Purse - love this purse...great price too $42.10

Not that I need more stuff, even though there is always something we need, wouldn't you agree?
Love every single item here so wanted to share with you

Well, I'm HAPPY tomorrow is half day at work (9-noon). Ready for the weekend ya'll...

Any fun plans for the weekend ladies? 


  1. yay for shortened work weeks! even if it is only by 5 hours

    I need those sandals because I can wear them to work!! and anything with a bow is o.k. in my book.

    I want both those bags at the top! especially the very first one.


  2. Love the Fossil flap and the jelly sandals. Honestly - there's TOO much good stuff in the stores right now LOL - I just want to buy buy buy!

  3. I love that MK lookalike!

    No super exciting plans for me this weekend, but I do have a ton of errands to run.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Those bags are to die for! Especially that first one. God, someone really needs to send me some money over here! I hope you have a great weekend :)


  5. There is always something I want and DON'T NEED =(

  6. the last bag looks amazing!

  7. love the fossil satchel! i never know they made handbags too. those jelly sandals are so cute!

  8. Great post... that Melie Bianco bag rocks! :)

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  9. Loving the Seychelles shoe collection this spring...SO many pretty ones, how is a girl to choose?


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