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Making my own sunshine

Jacket: Old Navy
Shirt: Marshalls
Roll up Pants: NY&Co
Flats: J.Crew
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: f21
Ring: The Limited

I no longer was able to wait for some sunshine/nice weather to wear these flats. I thought what the heck...rain isn't going to stop me from wearing these bright yellow flats. Since we're lacking some sunshine lately I thought wearing these flats should brighten my day. LOVE 'em you guys, just love them. I bought them during additional 30% off sale items...and got them for $21.  I hope other colors go on sale at some point. They are SO comfortable and so stinkin' cute!  And for this price..I actually don't even feel guilty at all for buying them...quite the opposite actually. So there the story about these cute bright yellow flats!

Today I brought my workout clothes...hoping to hit the gym on my lunch hour. At least for 30min...better than nothing I guess.

Are you having a good Wednesday?  I certainly hope so :)


  1. Those shoes are so cheerful and cute! Love em. I love how you styled those pants and of course, I love the stripes!!

  2. Love this outfit. Especially love the pop of yellow with the stripes. Seriously so cute!

    I gave you an award today, check out my latest post to see it!


  3. oh, i'm sorry dear for the bad weather where u are. :(

    those yellow flats def. look cheery and so so cute! love how u rolled up your pants to showcase them! :)

  4. $21 for J Crew flats? I'd say that is a steal of a deal, and darling by the way!

  5. Anonymous4/27/2011

    LOVE this outfit! That was a fab deal on those shoes!!

  6. @Andi - Thanks Andi. It seems I can't get enough of stripes :)

    @Lindsey - Aww, thank you for the award girl :)

    @Kimchi Girl - Thanks :) I'm so ready for summer (or spring) haha

    @Skylette - We need more deals like these from J. Crew :)

    @Anon - Thank you :)

  7. I die for those flats! So cute!

  8. i didn't see the yellow ones on the website anymore. saw the others for full price at $58 =(

  9. I saw your post title and then scrolled down to your shoes and smiled.
    Those are so cute and sunny. A great way to bring some sunshine to your day.
    Love the outfit, especially the rolled khakis!

  10. @Beautygirl24 - Thanks girl :)

    @Tina - check your local J.Crew, they might still hav them. I also saw them at the J.Crew factory few weeks ago.

    @fshonmymind - thank you :)

  11. Cute flats...on the prowl..maybe these would be a good score for me...sometimes I have a hard time w round toe flats being comfortable tho...we shall see.
    LOVE the yellow color and YES create your own sunshine girl.

  12. those flats were a happy little surprise when I scrolled down! and no feeling guilty for 21 dollars! you could spend that in a week on coffee ; )


  13. This is a great outfit.....totally going to copy ;)

  14. I'm so glad to see these yellow flats make another appearance. They are simply fab.

  15. Adorable flats - and I love the striped shirt too. Great outfit.


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