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OOTD and a gorgeous shoe

 Denim Shirt: Target
Blazer: Marshalls
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Target
Belt: The Limited
Bracelets: H&M
Ring: The Limited
Watch: MK

This morning I looked in the mirror and said out loud...I look like a boy haha. Not sure why this outfit made me say that...maybe because is not quite a girly outfit?!  Either way...I kinda like it. :)

Just look at the pictures below...aren't they gorgeous?  Saw them at Kohl's and just had to take a picture and share the beauty of this shoe with you.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Are you wondering if I got them?

No, I didn't buy them (current price is $45...not bad at all).  Main reason I didn't buy them is the height. Unfortunately,  I would look very awkward walking in these beauties (I know wedges are easier to walk it). Plus my legs would look like two sticks, seriously. Not a good look for me.  But I still LOVE them!

P.S.  Ladies, thank you for expressing your thoughts on the previous post. I agree with every comment left so far. Like many of you said, this is one place that should be stress-free and fun. So let's keep it that way :)


  1. Great outfit Lilly! Love the denim and chambray-those wedges are too cute!

  2. killer shoes! :)

    i used to have a denim shirt but gave it away and now i regret it...i never knew how to really style it...until i discovered the world of fashion blogging lol.
    anyway, i really like how you rolled up the sleeves on your jacket to show off the shirt! so spiffy! :)

  3. I love this denim outfit, a little masculine, but that's what I love about it! Those shoes are fun too, kohls eh? cute!

  4. You don't look like a boy at all - I love the outfit!

    And those shoes?? OMG. LOVE.

  5. i am OBSESSED with those so cute! but they were kind of i couldn't justify them.


  6. Love the shoes that you're wearing in the top pics - cute colour and toe shape.

    And the wedge ones are gorgeous to look at, but probably not too practical...but really really pretty LOL!

  7. love your chambray shirt! xx

  8. I love those shoes! I haven't seen them at my Target yet :(

    P.S. Thanks for tagging me on your 8 Most Worn post. As soon as I get time I'm gonna post mine :)

  9. Samantha10/04/2012

    I dont think you look like a boy in this outfit. It looks comfortable and stylish. If you want to glam it up a bit maybe add long earrings or a long chain necklace to compliment the long lines of the outfit.


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