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OOTD and need to vent

Dress: Mango
Cardi: Express
Shoes: Younkers
Tights: Hue
Belt: F21
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

I'm not going to lie...I'm a little jealous to see most bloggers wear short, sandals, cute dresses (with bare legs of course) get the idea. Yesterday morning I woke up, looked out of the window and what do I see? Snow! Seriously? Snow?!

All I can say is....
 that was not a good way to start the week.  Oh, in addition of the crappy weather I forgot my cell phone at home. No outfit pictures (first thing I do when I get home is there goes picture taking at home). Lazy? Not at all!


There is something I want to talk about or actually vent about.
I always love discovering new blogs (and I follow a LOT of them already).  This particular issue was quite annoying already but today I just had to vent about it...just a bit. I won't write a book here, I promise.

Now, one thing I DO NOT like is bloggers (and I'm talking about fashion bloggers here) who actually make fun of other bloggers grammar on their blog (yes, I know its your blog and you can write but it doesn't make it ok).  I actually came across a blog today that had a whole post on it (it was a fashion blog and not some English teachers forum). Maybe this issue is little more sensitive to me since English is my 3rd language. Maybe.

People, this is fashion blogging and not a 'PROPER GRAMMAR ONLINE COURSE.'  Who cares about grammar rules...who cares about punctuation rule, about capitalization rules..who cares if you end a sentence in preposition etc.  One thing I see a lot is Your vs. You're.  I know what they mean and I don't see a need to point out their mistakes. I'm here to get inspired by other bloggers fashion sense and hopefully inspire someone by mine and not proofread their text content.

 One thing is for matter how adorable your are, no matter how great your style it...if at any point I notice that someone if making fun of others, whether it's for 'proper grammar' or anything else I will stop following, or never start following, such blogs. Cuz I ain't supporting no meanies.

I could definitely, most definitely, go on and on about this issue but as I venting was going to be "short." I just had to vent as this bothered me.

What are your thoughts on this issues?  Does it bother you when other fashion bloggers don't use proper grammar?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Cute dress! I love the print! Sorry it's cold where you are. If it makes you feel any better, it's been cold and rainy here too. Last week it was super hot and now it's cold! I hate the drastic change.
    As for the spelling and grammar: I think it's mean too. I would never comment on someone's blog that they don't know how to spell. I think that if it's your blog, then you should be able to write however you want!

  2. Sounds like these bloggers aren't leaving the bullying behind after school ends! Seriously, people need to GROW UP. I totally agree with you that it does not matter. You can think whatever you want to yourself, but to blast someone else in a public forum? Not cool!

    Love your outfit and your blog...I am a new follower :)

  3. @Kimberly - Thanks :)

    @Beautygirl24 - Can't stand the drastic changes in weather either. I'm so ready for cute summer outfits :)

    @AppGal - Totally agree! Happy to see a new follower :-D

  4. love your mango dress girl the print is gorgeous.

    i actually super know what you mean.. i started blogging really late i feel like only 3 months ago because i was hesitant because my grammer is awful haha.. and i consider myself a pretty bad writer.. i don't understand why people are mean to other people on blogs anyways.. what's with the negativity? and it's always people that are anom. that sprout all sorts or mean crap too. and not just about punctuation and grammer.. there's already enough bad things out in the world i just don't understand why people would put more out there!!!

  5. I am LOVING your outfit today missy! Super cute!
    I agree, i think its silly. I rarely use punctuation marks on my blog, and i admit, i often dont bother with the your you're cuz honestly, im meticulous about it at work, monday through friday, (im a receptionist) so after work, im just lazy. I think its silly to fret over something so small, i think most people can discern which one i mean, and what im saying. My blog is casual. As long as my Followers are following, im good. I think its very immature and quite embarrassing to bash other bloggers for it. If lack of punctuation, and capitalization bothers you that much, simply dont follow? Seems to me these bloggers are putting a lot of effort (blogging about it) into something they arent forced to read, or like. If i had that much time on my hands, i personally would rather use it to blog about the bloggers i very much do enjoy!
    Anyways, i hope you have a Fantastic Tuesday honey!
    xoxo Inna :)
    My Bloggie!

  6. totally agree with ya! if it's a blog, it should be casual and personal and stuff that people can relate to and whatever the hell the blogger wants it to be. who cares about all the damn rules and grammars and what not! i actually never capitalize my words when i'm (and i usually say 'im" instead of "i'm") supposed to.

  7. I love that dress! It's amazing!
    Sorry you're cold still, that really sucks. The cold weather gets old very fast I think. I hope your Spring comes quickly!!

    Ok, I will admit that it really does irk me when I see horrible grammar in blogs or in FB posts-people constantly misuse to/too, there/their/they're and you're/your. It bothers me. I'm an English major. But I would never comment negatively on anyone's blog about it or write an entire blog of my own about other people not using the correct 'to.' That's just mean-spirited.

  8. LOVE the dress.

    I agree, that is ridiculous if someone feels the need to point out something someone else might be a little insecure about in the first place. Like you said, it's fashion blogging, not English Lit 301 for crying out loud!

  9. Snow?! That is ridiculous! I'm sorry I'm flaunting spring clothes on my blog :(

    I have to admit grammar doesn't bother me much, but common spelling errors do. I consider your vs you're a spelling error (don't know how accurate that is). I wouldn't ever call anyone out on it though, but I do grimace mentally. Then I stop and think about all the times I'm in a rush and guilty of not proof-reading, so who am I to judge?

  10. i think its understandable that some bloggers may not use proper english. there are many bloggers that do not speak english but they try to provide an english translation... i think for fashion blogs, its more about the images. but yes, no need to critic... we are not writing for the new york times here.

    loooooove your necklace! its such a statement piece. xx

  11. you look great! i've noticed the reason i love your outfits so much besides the fact that you have such pretty pieces, is that you wear them quite well w/ confidence! :)

    as for the grammar thing, i think we have enough crap going on in our day to day lives that we don't need to be bombarded w/ mean spirited, petty pple online. reading about fashion is a time for me to relax and de-stress, not deal w/ the same stuff i have to deal w/ in the "real world". so yeah, i would steer clear of those bloggers who are nit-picky and self-righteous.

    just my 2 cents. :)

  12. Girls, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree with every single comment here. We all notice little mistakes here and there but like you ladies said, no reason to write posts about it. Thank you for commenting on this :)

  13. Amen!! You said it. Wow, I haven't come across a blog like that yet. I hope I don't. One thing I love about the fashion blogging world it it's helped me breakout of my shell. Everyone is so nice and supportive and I love it. It would absolutely break my heart if I saw someone bashing something about someone else’s blog...even more so if I saw it was directed towards me. It took me FOREVER to become comfortable with blogging like I do now. That would totally ruin it for me.

    Love the venting post. LOVE the outfit!

  14. Cute blog! Loved it!
    I am already a follower, can you follow me too, please??
    Follow the twitter @blogspm too, please?
    Kisses and regards!!
    Alice Dias

  15. I'm also in MI so I know exactly what you mean about the snow, it almost brought me to tears!

    The bottom line is that people can be so mean, it's unfortunate that we live in a world where that sort of attitude is accepted online. I agree with you 100%!

  16. First, I always love your outfits. They inspire me in a completely practical way and I love that your clothes are from all stores that I can find in my local mall. In regards to the other part of your post, I agree. I luckily have not come across one of "those types" of blogs but I would most definitely not follow them. Blogging is for fun and enjoyment not bullying others.

  17. You look beautiful in this outfit!!

    And this sentence is great!! "Cuz I ain't supporting no meanies." I love it ;-)

  18. I am DYING to know what blogger did that????
    Who has enough time in the day to CARE about how other bloggers are spelling- seriously go volunteer or something...better your anything other than waste that kind of time on something so silly.

  19. I am with you completely on the grammar situation! Who cares! You know what they mean and that is all that matters. I love the dress BTW! Plus I am sure I am one of those that comments with the misspelled words. Half the time I am holding my 4 wk old son typing with one hand. I am not going to rewrite the whole thing for one or two words! Glad I am not the only one that just enjoys the blog not the grammar part!

  20. Yes, I believe it's important to have a positive online attitude !

  21. First of all, I love your blog!!! Your outfits are so cute.

    You're right, there's no reason to be mean and I like that you have a zero tolerance policy regarding that.

    But that's not a reason to ignore grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I know you're just venting, and I hate to be THAT person, but proper writing makes a difference. Every major fashion magazine in the world has well-educated writers and a whole militia of editors to make sure that the ideas they publish are clear and fluid, and free of distracting errors.

    Sure it's JUST a "fashion blog", but don't sell yourself short. Good writing and attention to detail is not only more professional, it shows courtesy to your readers.

  22. Thanks for sharing your thoughts girls :)

    @Samantha - Thank you :)
    Some people are concerned about proper grammar/spelling more than others. No matter what the reason for poor grammar/spelling is I don't think that someone should actually take time out of their day to make a post about it and make fun of others. I personally think it's rude.

    Well educated writers and editors have to express themselves in proper ways and keep their articles error free, it's their job ,that's what they do for a living.
    Just as it is my duty to be good at what I do.

    There are SO many bloggers out there and English happens not to be their first language.
    English is my third language and the way I write and express myself some people might not find "proper".
    We never know who wrote something, if it's a native speaker or someone who is in the process of learning the's hurtful and rude, especially when it comes from an adult. Some people need to grow up and get a life!
    I appreciate you expressing your thoughts on this :)

  23. Amanda Z11/08/2011

    Hello!! I was introduced to "pinterested" today, and came across a lot of your pictures. I visited your blog.. and now 4 hours after getting off of work, i am STILL looking at your blog! I would say that i am definately "fashionably impaired". I love looking at all of your outfits. Your style is effortless and classic. I am looking forward to learning from you! :)
    May i ask what your first two languages are?


  24. @Amanda Z - Aw, thank you so much, that means a lot to me :)
    My first language is Croatia and second German.

  25. @Amanda - I meant Croatian..forgot the "n" :)


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