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Inspiration for Home - Purple Bedroom

Two of our bedroom walls are purple (pretty much same color as this picture below) and two side walls are a very light gray (almost white). Why I picked purple? To tell you the truth But one thing I do is a very hard color to work with, IMO (it would be a lot easier if I could find the white/purple picture below)

Anyone know where I can find something like it?  (without spending a ton of $$ :)

I'm very tempted to re-paint the bedroom with a color that's easier to work with. Or I can just take on this challenge and see what I can come up with!? 

What are you favorite colors to work with?  

Any suggestions are welcomed :)

Hope you're having a fantastic day! 


  1. love the purple paint color lilly! definitely picked some great models i loved the flower bedspread. hope you have a great 4th of july

  2. I love looking at home decor haha :D The first bedroom is really beautiful - it's great inspiration!

  3. wow I love the idea! and thank you for the comment on my DIY post :)

  4. Aubergine is my favorite color! I would love a room like these. My bedspread is purple and walls are white with grey crown molding. But I so want purple walls! I need to interest all of these.


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