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Shop 'til you drop...

Button down: H&M
Crop Pants: Marshalls
Shoes: Steve Madden via Macy's
Belt: Gap
Necklace: JcPenny
Ring: ? old

Not much to talk about, besides the fact that I'm super sleepy. I had a massage after work today, which was much needed, so I'm ready for bed.

After dinner my sister and I went "shopping"....for about 20 minutes. That's how long she was able to last (love you sis) and then she was tired and ready to go home.  Probably the only female I know that hates to shop.  I do wish I was like that at bank account would thank me. 

How do you stay away from shopping?  Any good tips, ones that actually work? :)


  1. that top reallllly makes me wish I had a H&M near by... love your relaxed, but oh-so chic look!

  2. i have NO tips on not but you look great, and i love the red polish too!

  3. I love everything about this outfit. I've been looking for a top like that. LOVE IT!

  4. I really like the simplicity of this outfit, it's still very much sophisticated too.

    I'm trying to wean myself from shopping as much too. I don't have any major tips, but one thing I did was buy something when I got paid that I really wanted and then told myself that I couldn't buy anything until my next paycheck. I did a pretty good job and even though there are things that I really want, I'm analyzing them more to decide if I truly want and will love/wear them. I've also gone to my favorite sites and put things that I've had my eye on in my cart, but just close out without buying anything. That helps me weed out what I really do and do not want to get better.

  5. Your top is so cute! I like the way you styled it.

    I can give you a great tip on how to shop less, but I have to say that it worked...only for 3 months max. It's bad because I'm a major shopaholic. What I have always done when I can't afford to buy any more clothes is that I avoid those dept. stores and boutiques completely. But then I crack and I go back into my cycle of nonstop shopping.

    Ever see the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic"? When it first hit the big screen, my boyfriend took me out to see it. I asked him why he wanted to see it so bad and he said because it was probably a documentary of my life...and it was! LOL.

    But in all seriousness, I'd say that it really helps to look at current trends and "window shop". Then go home and challenge yourself to create new outfits out of old ones.


  6. Uuugghh! My mother-in-law is the same way! I've learned I do best shopping on my own for sure ;) Love this outfit!!

  7. My sister is the same way.. she's definitely not a shopper like me.. at least when it comes to clothes... put her in front of cosmetics and groceries, she'll go wild. LOL.

    I have absolutely no tips to stay away from shopping. In fact, I'm the enabler of my group of friends. haha.

    I love the look... clean, fresh, simple, and chic!!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend, my dear!

    xx Love & Aloha

  8. just bought a top that looks exactly like that from target. I'm obsessed with these equipment inspired shirts :)

  9. Very chic! Very nice, love the shoes!

  10. I love this top! I saw a similar one at Target recently and wanted it but they didnt have my size, you look fab in it!

    xo Teresa

  11. The only thing I've found to keep me from shopping is to completely avoid the stores. If I walk into a store, it's all over. Sooo if I just never GO to them I don't buy anything.

    I realize this doesn't totally work since you can shop online, but I'm big into trying things on and unless I don't have to pay for shipping and I'm 100% sure the items are going to fit I don't usually shop online. With the exception of last week when clearance items were an extra 40% off at American Eagle and I HAD to buy some shorts. Still haven't gotten them so who knows if they'll fit haha.

    Good luck with not shopping!


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