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I heart pink

Shirt: Express
Skirt: J.Crew
Wedges: Lucky Brand
Necklace: F21

Love me a skirt with pockets.  I can put my keys, my cell phone, my wallet, my lip butter.  Speaking of lip butter (and no, I don't really put all of the mentioned items in my pocket even though they would all fit...but keys and cell phone have been in these pockets before). 

Anyway, back to the lip butter...have you ever tried Korres lip butter? AWESOME stuff ladies, seriously! 
I bought mine at Sephora a while back in Jasmine. It's a very "sheer neutral pink". I LOVE the color is gives my lips, very natural light tint of pink (I'm a nude-lip-type-of-girl).  The balm is very hydrating and it smells great. I would definitely recommend it. It actually comes in seven different "flavors" so there is something for everyone :)

Just had to tell you briefly about this fantastic product :)



  1. Anonymous8/02/2011

    I love, love, love that skirt! Is it a recent purchase? I need to try that Korres, I hear so much good about it.

  2. I heart pink too! You look amazing! - Is your hair lighter?

    You know I've NEVER tried korres lip butter before but I love anything Jasmine! Might have to see if this one is available in Canada!

  3. Gorgeous skirt...I'm excited because j.crew is finally opening in Canada - yay!

    I wonder if the Korres formula varies by scent - I had the wild rose one and it made my lips peel :-( Yet everyone raves about Korres lip butters, so perhaps I chose the wrong one?

  4. That is such a pretty shade of pink! I alslo love the necklace!

    Korres' Jasmine is my fave lip balm, aside from the Fresh Lip Treatment I use (but that one is super pricey!)

  5. The color of that skirt is so fun! Love how you jazzed up the outfit with that gorgeous pretty!

  6. OMG, love that skirt, especially since it has pockets! That necklace is INSANE - in a "Tyra Banks, thats sexy way!!!"

    xo Teresa
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  7. I really like the outfits in your posts - I think we should do a fashion swap!!! I have done make-up ones before but I want some of these clothes lol

  8. @Andi - Thanks :) I got the skirt couple of years ago. I would definitely recommed the lip butter.

    @Elaine A - Thank you :) It is lighter. I got highlights a while back just for the summer (or I might just keep them longer :)

    @Ella - Oh, that's so exciting about J.Crew.
    Hmm, I wonder if it does depend on scent of the lip butter.

    @Beautygirl24 - Thanks :) Haven't heard of Fresh Lip Treatment but I will have to check it out now :)

    @Jenni - Thank you :)

    @Teresa - haha, thanks girl :)

    @Kelly - Thank you :) I've heard of bloggers doing that but I've no idea how it works lol

  9. Love me anything w pockets too. Especially if its a skirt or dress.

    Pink looks fab on you and LOVE that necklace.

  10. Really cute outfit! I like your style (new subscriber). I would have pegged that necklace for Ann Taylor or The Limited... really great find. I bet it was a much better deal!

  11. Great pink skirt, and I totally agree with you about skirts (and dresses) with pockets! They are a MUST!!!

  12. What happens in the swap is you set a budget then either buy items the other person really wants but cant get or you just choose items as a surprise - its so much fun!! I have done a few.

  13. I worship my Korres lip butter, it's the best one I've ever tried! My local Korres has shut down though so I have to order online now:(. Your outfit is lovely :) x


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