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Maxi skirt

Shirt: Tahari
Skirt: Max Studios
Flats: Gift from overseas
Flower pins: J.Crew
Necklace: The Limited
Ring: H&M

Friday is finally here!  Finally!

Tomorrow I'm planning to work on my "girly room". I decided to paint it, at least a wall or two, with a lighter color. I love the gray walls right now but I feel it needs a touch of...maybe pale pink? Peach?  As of right now I certainly do not know what color will be coming home with me today after I hit Home Depot after work.  I've "pinned" some ideas/inspirations but I think I get overwhelmed and can't decide (I recently decided on jump on the Pinterest wagon...still figuring the thing out). Uuuhh, decision!

Any ideas are welcomed, seriously :)

Have a fabulous hot weekend!


  1. The flower pin is so adorable. Your maxi skirt is very elegant :-)

    I feel your pain in choosing paint took me so long to decide - I used the internet for inspiration, saving many pictures of rooms in the paint color I wanted - and when I painted my room that color, it was NEON blue...when I photographed it, it was lovely, but in person - horrid! I had to go back to the paint store and buy paint samples to paint on the wall so that I wouldn't end up with another horrid color - it was all well in the end though :-)

  2. You were meant for maxis! I love the pop of color from the pins too. I've been searching for a cute flower pin. I guess J Crew is the place to go!

  3. the pins really takes this outfit to the next level! so cute.

  4. Love that skirt! Good luck painting! Show some pics when you're finished!

  5. Anonymous8/05/2011

    pale pink or peach would both look really nice i think. look fwd to seeing how it turns out! very cute touch adding the flower pins to your tee. :)

  6. Beautiful maxi skirt!!

  7. peach sounds so lovely. I painted one wall of my room in mint green, it matches perfectly with pink etc. Well goodluck tomorrow!

    Your skirt is beautiful too! xo

  8. You are so slim! You look great.

  9. That maxi skirt is perfect. Some maxis look so frumpy. Either the great cut of that skirt or maybe it is just you, but this one is just the right amount of sexy.

    I totally know what you mean with picky wall colors. I would suggest you get some samples to paint in the room before you dive in. Paint colors can look so different in different lights.


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