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Old Navy Fall picks

Old Navy Fall picks

Hello ladies! I'm longer MIA. We had a great time in Chicago, I'll tell you few things we did in the next post.

But for right now I wanted to share my top picks from Old Navy. I grabbed four out of the five items above for myself....I didn't get the striped shirt...couldn't justify another striped shirt, even though 1) I don't own a striped boat neck shirt 2) is there such a thing at too many striped shirts?

Since I already own the blue gingham shirt (bought last year) I picked up the Aqua color. It's very light, (nude color bra required) which makes it great for warm days in Summer and it can be nicely layered in Fall/Winter.
Today I picked up the blue and polka dot tops (the 30% friends and family discount ends tomorrow, it's in stores only). The blue one is just very pretty and light. It might be a little tight in the chest area for those that were blessed up you might need to size up (I would recommend trying this one on).

The vest...well...just look at it. No explanation needed :)  Definitely a must have!

But here is one thing I do not like about Old Navy, at least this has been the experience with my local store. Each time they have a promotion going on they will not give the discount unless you ask for it. Today while checking out the girl gave me the total and I asked her about the Family and Friends discount. She didn't know the code for it and asked another cashier if anyone had used it today. The other cashier told her couple of people have...and gave her the code. COUPLE OF PEOPLE???? I'm guessing those couple of people had to mention it as well in order to get it. And those that didn't know about the discount never got their 30% off? I don't think that is fair at all.

Have you picked up anything from Old Navy during their F&F promotion? 

Hope you're having a great Tuesday.


  1. I love the polka dot shirt - that's going to look really cute on you!

  2. i bought the vest this weekend! already trying to figure out how to make it work. and i LOVE the gingham shirt, i bought it in the mustard yellow color...if it would ever cool off here so i could wear it!

  3. @Mary Ann - Thank you. I'm happy I finally found a polka dot shirt :)

    @Deals, Steals and Heels -yay for buying the vest. It would look fab with your new gingham shirt too. I was thinking about getting the mustard yellow one but alraedy have three gingham shirts (even though the price is great).

  4. Lilly, we're twins. First, the Target dress. Now these. I JUST went to ON for the friends and family thing and got the polka dot top and the blue gingham (even though I already bought the yellow gingham). And I bought that vest a little while back. Great minds think alike. :)

  5. I haven't been to Old Navy in forever but you have inspired me to stop by one. The pics you have are awesome and I love the shirts and the army green vest.

  6. Cute buys!! I didn't see the vest or I would've snagged that one too! I got their owl tee over the weekend & LOVE it!

  7. I love the chambray plaid shirt and the green vest -very chic! I am going to look for those next time I am in store :)

  8. i rarely shop at ON but stopped by on a whim today and WOW! they've stepped it up! i can home with a ton of cute finds for barely and $$. i love your pics btw - i totes grabbed the vest :)


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