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OOTD: New blazer

Eyes half way closed apparently is not the best look on me

 Blazer: Forever21, Top: H&M, Pants: Loft, Shoes: Younkers, Purse: Giveaway win from Notes from the Dressing RoomNecklace: Old

Hope all of you had a great weekend (I'm slightly behind here).

Mine was rainy. We did go to the "Prairie  Home Companion" show and the show was pretty funny.  I think the four of us (my sister, her hubby, my Mr. and I) brought down the age average a bit...which probably was 68 (not that 68 is old).

Before the show...
Me: There are no "younger" people here, everyone is old.
Sister: I'm sure there are some here, we just can't see them yet.
Brother-in-law: Yea, they're called Care Takers.

Nothing wrong with joining our Senior Citizens for a little bit of socializing.  ;)

Anyway, I know none of you, or just some of you, don't want to hear it.. but the truth is...Fall is just around the corner, at least up here in MI.  What are you looking forward to the most this Fall?  Share in the comments below


  1. cute outfit. love the ruffled top. I don't even want to think about fall. I'm not looking forward to te falling leaves & cold weather at all!

  2. LOVE this outfit!!! So pretty!!!

    XOXO, CC

  3. Love the ruffles on the top!

  4. Your hair looks really pretty here!

  5. This Fall I'm looking forward to saving $$ on the electric bill since we spent so much on having the A/C on all summer!

    I love your ruffle top and bag. You have some of the most beautiful outfits!!

  6. Did you bust out the tripod? ;) These pics and your outfit are great! I swear your pumps are a dupe for Ann Taylor's perfect pumps.

    I'm most looking forward to layering my clothes again and not sweating a pig while doing so, lol. At the top of my wishlist are a pair of riding boots. Perhaps both black and brown... we shall see!

  7. I love boots for fall and am always sad when I have to part ways with mine for the warmer months.

    I absolutely adore your top and how soft and fluttery it looks. The bag adds a splash of color and the necklace is fab.

  8. love this outfit! especially your new blazer! it fits you perfectly.

  9. Love your H&M top, it's peachy-pink perfection!

    How do you get your hair to look so perfect all the time :-) Do you use a curling iron?

  10. adorable blazer lilly and i love that turquoise purse very cute!

  11. I am dying over your blazer!! So gorgeous and perfect for summer.

    jessica whitaker

  12. adorable outfit, and i LOVE that bag!

  13. i'm definitely looking forward to wearing blazers again for the fall as there's no way i'm getting near one in this 100 degree heat we're having now. i love this F21 one on you and was actually thinking about getting it myself a couple days ago!

    cute & little

  14. It's so nice to see your pretty face in this OOTD! I love the blazer and that peachy top!

    I'm looking forward to wearing little jackets and layering this Fall. I think Fall fashion is the best!

  15. You look so lovely!! I love this outfit. Ahh..fall! I think I'm looking forward to shopping for new Fall stuff...hehehe!

  16. @Schnelle Couture - Thank you :)
    I don't like to think what comes after Fall. That I'm not looking forward to.

    @Miss Cupcake, Kristin & Mary Ann -Thank you ladies :)

    @Sheila - Thank you :)
    Haha, I know what you mean. Our A/C has been turning non-stop the whole summer, so a smaller bill will be great :)

    @Cee - My hubby took the pictures :)
    The shoes are pretty much the same style as Ann Taylor's.
    Love layering. I'm in search for a pair of black riding boots. Can't wait to see what you find :)

    @Jenn - Thank you. Boots are a must for Fall :)

    @Linley - Thank you :)

    @Ella Pretty Blog - Thanks :) Yea, I use a curling iron to get the waves :)

    @Meg, Jessica and Deals,Steals and Heels - Thank you ladies :)

    @Kileen - Blazers are perfect for Fall weather. Hopefully weather will cool down a bit for you, 100 degree is way too hot.

    @Beautygirl24 - Thank you Noelle :) I wish we could have Fall stick around a little longer. You probably do get to enjoy it a bit longer in Cali then we do in MI. I need to move haha

    @Love at First Shoe - Thank you :) Shopping for Fall clothes is always so much fun.

  17. I am loving this outfit. That blazer and the ruffled top are perfect together and it definitely doesn't hurt that you're wearing a certain handbag you won. :)

    I love fall and can't wait to really wear my favorite blazers and boots.

  18. You look wonderful! I love the blazer and shirt :)

    This fall I'm most looking forward to finishing school (for good!).

  19. I love, love, love prairie home companion!! ....."they're a real hot item powdermilk" ;) Always have to sing along with that on the radio! Lol You look adorable btw, love that top!

  20. Sorry to hear that you had a rainy "old" weekend.
    I have been looking for an affordable gray fitted blazer for a while now. I may have to make an F21 run as you look somkn' in yours. Cute outfit.

  21. Love this outfit! the blazer is gorgeous and so is that ruffly top.

    I cannot wait for fall layering and all the fun fall colors

  22. I love your tiered ruffle top! So flattering on you!

  23. Love your style! The ruffley top is adorable and love the blazer you paired it with!


  24. Ahaha, the censored photo is a brilliant idea! :D

  25. I have been going all the way to the beginning looking at your clothes! I'm about to go on a major shopping trip....even though it's probably not advised by my bank account :( I'm in love with the shirt! You look adorable all the time!


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