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An oldie

Shorts: Banana Republic
Top: Marshalls
Flats: Gift from overseas
Bag: Coach

No more shorts, not until our vacation next month at least.  Found this on my cell phone (taken at DSW) and thought might as well share it.  But the truth is...I'm looking forward to layers, cozy sweaters and boots. Fall is, and always will be, my favorite season. The smell of Fall, changing tree colors and falling leaves just make me smile.

What do you love about Fall?  


  1. I love this outfit! those shorts are such a pretty color and those flats are so cute!

  2. I love when the temps drop and I can walk outside in jeans without breaking into a sweat! ;-)

  3. I love sweaters, knits, and beautiful fall leaves! And I love your flats!


    Erin @

  4. You look so cute in shorts! I like the watch you're wearing too :)

    I've been trying not to wear shorts, but it's hard because it's been SO hot during the day. It was over 100 degrees today. I love the heat, but this is supposed to be Fall!

    I too enjoy the changing of the leaves. I'm surrounded by wineries where I live, so when Fall comes around all the leaves look so pretty. It looks like an autumn rainbow! The thing I hate about Fall and Winter are the shorter days :/

  5. Those shorts are so cute. What I love about fall is the food <3

  6. I love those shorts!

    I am also looking forward to fall. Mostly because of the wardrobe change :)

  7. The purple shorts are great! Lovely colour.

    xo L.

  8. Those shorts are a great color. And of course, we're all waiting for layers, cozy sweaters and boots. Yum.

  9. Beautiful photos and outfit! :))))

  10. Cute. This is something i would wear. For Fall i love the browns, and oranges... cardigans =)

  11. Ladies, thanks for sharing your Fall favs. And as always, thank you on your sweet comments :)

  12. I love those shoes!

    I also am super excited for fall, the layers, jackets, and the boots!! I can't wait to see the leaves change and walk outside without getting overheated!

    You're awesome and hope you have a blast on your trip!



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