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Skinny red pants...are back

Sweater: Kohl's
Pants: JCPenny
Flats: Marshalls
Bag: Gift
Belt: Target
Necklace: F21

I must say how surprised I am (but at the same time I'm not) how much my color has already faded. Holy cow!  I know the auburn/reddish color is one of the hardest ones to maintain as it fades pretty quick, but I was expecting the rich color to last at least two full weeks. I guess I better lower my expectations here. 

Happy Monday! 

"smile everyday, and the day will be ok" 


  1. great outfit! Those flats are gorgeous and so classic.

  2. I love red pants! These look amazing on you of course.

  3. you look awesome in those red pants! I like this outfit very much on you!

  4. This outfit is great!! I love all of the neutrals with that pop of red.

    P.S. I totally love that handbag!! Great new gift.

  5. Auburn fades sooo fast. When I dye mine, it is super-fake red but only until 1 shampoo. You look great anyway. You're seriously rocking that red skinny jeans trend - awesome :)

  6. cuuute! i've seen so many red pants lately!!! they look great on you.
    xo dana

  7. Love the pants. They are popping up everywhere.

  8. Are you using sulfate-free shampoo? I always do and my color stays dark and rich (I'm naturally blonde).

  9. You look great!! I love getting red/auburn highlights but they do fade quickly. I tried not to shampoo my hair everyday to help keep the colour longer!

  10. You look gorgeous! I absolutely love the red pants on you.

  11. @Schnelle Couture - thank you :) They are my fav flats.

    @Andi - Thank you Andi :)

    @Pop Champagne - thank you girl :)

    @fshnonmymind - thank you. My hubby got me the bag since I loved it so much. :)

    @Sarah S. - thank you Sarah.
    Wish there was a way to keep the color a bit longer.

    @Dana @ wonder forest - thank you :)

    @The Girlie Blog - Never thought I would wear red pants lol

    @Mary Ann - I do. I've been using sulfate-free shampoo for about a year now.
    What? You're naturally blonde? I would've never guessed it. You look great with dark hair :)

    @Elaine A - thank you :) I wash my hair every other day (even though it probably can use a wash every day). But the damage to my hair would be even worse if I did it every day.

    @Beautygirl24 - thank you Noelle :)

  12. I totally thought you were talking about the colour of your skinny jeans fading LOL! I kept looking and thought that they looked vibrant to me...then I realized you were talking about your hair (the auburn should have given it away LOL!)...even if the colour has faded, it still looks amazing! Does John Frieda have a colour glaze for red hair (I know he does for brunettes) - that could help - it helped me when my caramel highlights turned blonde (bleach-happy colourist, grr!)

  13. LOVE IT!! I want to get some red pants now. xo

  14. love how the red pants look on you girl! xx

  15. I love a great red pant. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  16. Adoring this outfit! I too have matched blush with red pants and I love how it looks!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following, I really appreciate it <3

  17. Perfectly put together! I've always loved red pants!


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  19. Your hair still looks really pretty with the gorgeous auburn shade! I initially read your post incorrectly thinking you meant the jeans had faded in the wash! Silly me, I love how you paired it here with flats and that bag is gorgeous!

  20. Love this outfit! I've been on the hunt for (cheap) well-fitting red jeans, still unsuccessful though. But after seeing how you paired them in this look I REALLY want some ha!

  21. Shannon783/02/2012

    Love your style Lilly. You have inspired me to try new styles. What brand is this shirt from Kohls?


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