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Your Fall favorite

Top & Skirt: H&M
Cardi: Banana Republic
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Gift from Mr.
Necklace: Old

I'm running out to lunch in few minutes so I'll leave you with  two questions:

What is your most worn/favorite item of clothing or footwear during Fall months? 

And what color do you like to wear the most during those months? 

I'm curious what your answers are, so do comment below :)



  1. I wear black faux-leather knee-high boots the most. They're appropriate just about anywhere :) Color-wise, if black doesn't count, I often go for red (which is almost totally forsaken in the Summer for some reason).

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! To answer your questions, my go to item is always my boots and I mostly wear blacks and grays.

  3. Very pretty ;)

    I wear a lot of ballet flats during Fall. On nights out, I like to wear pumps or boots.

    As for colors, I love my neutrals - black, navy, grey, cream, camel. But this year I'm also really into jewel tones.

  4. so classy

  5. Love so much about this outfit - the camel and nude stripes, the gorgeous necklace and comfy sweater!

    My favourite item for fall are my tan old navy boots - they are so comfy (who would have thought old navy had comfy shoes?). And my favourite colour to wear is charcoal grey with a colourful scarf.

  6. Brown leather boots. FOR SURE. I can't choose which color I like to wear most. I might be able to tell you later, once I start wearing some fall clothes. (It's still 80 degrees here!)

  7. I have a feeling my new brown boots are going to be my fall go to this year.

    Love that outfit, girl!

  8. Anonymous9/27/2011

    Great outfit Lilly!!!
    I love my slouchy, flat Steve Madden boots for Fall-easy to wear with anything and comfy too!!

  9. I am SO looking forward to rock my cognac steve madden boots. and for colros I love jewel tones! :)

    love the outfit :)

    xo Nav

  10. I love that top you're wearing!!

  11. Great ensemble! Navy is such a classy color to wear!

  12. cute outfit! very chic! xx

  13. That top is a MUST HAVE. I had a similar one to that but with smaller stripes. I have no idea what happened to it :( You look great in it though! It's a very versatile piece and I know you'll enjoy it for a long time.

  14. Thanks for sharing what your most worn Fall items are. Seems like most of us like boots (love me my OTK boots :) and neutral colors.

  15. Very look great as always.
    I find myself grabbing my denim/chambray shirt CONSTANTLY..and see myself grabbing it all fall long...I tend to wear browns and neutrals...the colors suit me and I am usually on color overload from summer...BUT I think orange is going to make an appearance this fall.

  16. Pink! Honestly, it's my fav year round. I may go for deepers tones of pink in fall and winter more often, but I really like classic light pink. It's a happy color that I look fab in so I gravitate to it. I'm loving my new kitten heeled faux suede gray boots too! I find I wear darker jeans in the colder months though. Interesting to think about, thanks!

  17. Boots would definitely be my most-worn fall item. As for colors? Camel/tan or green...I tend to dress like a tree.


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