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Guest Post: Audrey from Putting Me Together

I'm SO excited to be here on Lilly's blog!  I'm definitely a fan of her style.  But really, how could I not be, considering we seem to have matching closets filled with the same pieces!  What can I say?  Great minds shop at Target, Old Navy, and Kohl's.

In light of fall, I thought I'd share a recent post from my blog about a fall staple--the plaid/gingham shirt.

My younger brother is absolutely obsessed with plaid shirts, and nowadays I can't seem to get enough of them either.  Will you judge me for having two of the same shirt from Old Navy?  Does it help if they were on crazy sale?

I simply couldn't resist getting multiples because I knew how versatile this shirt could be.  So, here we go, 10 ways to wear a gingham shirt!

I tried to pull out the basic, general principles for you to easily use as a foundation.  From there you can add your own style and flare by using pieces you already own and by creating your own color combinations.

I also made it all one image so that you can pin it for future reference.  So, ladies, let's see you rock some gingham this fall!


  1. I totally buy multiples! In fact I bought multiples from Lilly's Closet :)

    I love this style cheat sheet Audrey, you have to make more of these!!


  2. great outfits, tips, and ideas!

  3. Iv'e got a plaid gingham shirt and it's one of my favourite pieces! For those, you have to get multiples :)

    Great 10 ways to style them!

  4. If it was a crazy good sale, no one can blame you at all! :)

  5. I love how you put all the options in a Brady-Bunch composite, so useful!

  6. I LOVE this post - it's always so helpful to see someone getting lots of wear out of something I already have!

  7. i have both of these shirts, and i fully intend to copy EVERY one of these looks!!! LOVE them all, especially the vest layer!


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