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Guest Post: Ella Pretty Blog

Hi, I’m Ella Pretty and I blog about beauty, fashion, decor and cooking. I’m a huge fan of Lilly’s blog because I love the way she dresses and I find her outfit posts to be very wearable and inspiring. I'm very excited to be guest-posting here.

I follow a lot of fashion and beauty blogs, and I’ve noticed that certain classic accessories keep showing up again and again. I thought it would be fun to post about several *wishlist* items, while also mentioning mid-range and affordable alternatives. I don’t know if this is the best post to do during Lilly’s “no-shopping” month, but maybe this will encourage us not to spend and to save for a wishlist-item instead?

1. Classic Trenchcoat
 Burberry trenchcoat - $1495 / Banana Republic $198 /  Old Navy $49.94 (currently $39 on sale) 

2. Quilted Evening bag
 Chanel $3900  / Marc Jacobs $675 / ASOS $26.19 

3. Statement Ring
YSL Arty ring $250 / Karmaloops $30 / eBay $2.99 (shipped!)

4. Ballet Flats
Repetto $265 / Tory Burch $178 / Aldo $35

5. Leopard print scarf

As far as I know, the items I listed are all inspired by the classic originals but are not fakes or knock-offs. I have not personally purchased from all the sellers/stores I linked to, so please use your own judgement if you decide to buy from them.

What are your classic wishlist items and dupes?


  1. What a fun post Ella (and Lilly!). Love the dupes and all of your picks are true classics.

  2. These are all great classic pieces and classics are always justifiable purchases for me because I can wear them forever. I love the Chanel purse dupe and the leopard scarf is so pretty.

  3. I've been looking for that ring everywhere for a cheaper price!! ah! i'm so excited! :) I want to go to ebay now and get one haha!
    Great post girl! so fun!

  4. Great post Ella, thanks!

  5. Hi Ella, you've definitely listed a few items on my wish list (the louis vuitton leopard print scarf and the burberry trench coat). I really like the alternative to the Chanel purse (the marc jacob one) and I can't get over the Artsy ring alternative for $2.99. Awesome post :)

  6. Andi - thanks - it was fun putting together a wishlist :-)

    SC - I love the LV leopard scarf - it's so soft in person...but so so pricey :-(

    Kait H - I can't believe how cheap the ebay ring was - and it looks well-made too - hope you were able to get the one you wanted.

    Mary Ann - thanks!

  7. MMC - we posted at the same time :-) You're so lucky because you already have many of the items on this list - love your arty ring and Chanel flap. Which colourway do you prefer for the LV scarf - the red version is gorgeous too!

  8. i dont know, i love designer goods and things that look unique, but obviously cannot afford them. knowing where to find less expensive quality items is great BUT the ring you posted is a flat out knock off. it's not like a trench or quilted black back (though both are synonymous to certain brands) you can get from any company, it's a blatant knock off of the YSL ring. let's challenge ourselves not to use knockoffs and to find other accessories that give you the feel of the designer piece you like, while keeping the intellectual rights of that designer's piece intact.

  9. I stumbled on your blog via pinterest and absolutely love your style! Added to my google reader :)


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