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Guest Post: Nav from NavLandStyle

Hello Lovelies!  Since I'm on vacation, a few lovely ladies have volunteered to guest post while I'm gone.  Thank you girls for being so sweet!  Enjoy they guest posts for a whole week :)


Hi I am Nav from NavLandStyle. Lilly was generous enough to let me blog here while she is away.  Over on my blog, I work 9-5 in the corporate world (youngest in my office) and so I like to post about work outfits, casual outfits for the weekend, life musings, few wedding series posts as I am getting ready to plan for a fusion wedding (East Indian and Caucasian) in about 9 months! I am just your average girl who has not so much discretionary income so I like to thrift alot (every month). I also like to dress laid-back on the weekends while playing with colors, patterns on weekdays, use some of the latest trends and make it my own, give fashion/life/hair tips on Tippy Tuesdays and we finish off the stressful week with some humour by showing you some recent outtakes. I hope you will visit me there and join in for some fun! =)

So, I am here to get your opinion today. I have a fashion dilemma and I need your help. I bought this awesome plaid jacket from H&M lately.

To Keep or Not to Keep?

Shirt: Old NAVY, Scarf: F21, Jacket: H&M, Pants: BR, Purse: Sears

The reason I took front and back pictures of this blazer is because I need your help. I got this H&M blazer recently and now I don't know if I want to keep it or not. The tag is still on and I got 30 days to return it.

Let me run through some pros and cons with you: Pros: Plaid (so 70's trend), its wool blend so will keep me warm in office and in the chilly winters here, love the bottom cut of it, has elbow patches, suede collar.
Cons: Bec it is wool blend, it itches my skin around the neck a bit, cost is $40 (keep in mind I am used to $5 blazers - from thrift stores).

So I don't know. What do you say - Keep or Return? Thanks for your help. You can help me with more of my fashion dilemmas at NavLandStyle


  1. That is a gorgeous jacket! And if I were you, I would have 100% kept it until I saw the wool problem. I hate itchy clothing and that would be enough to make me bring it back. But it does look wonderful on you so it depends on how much itch you can handle! :)

  2. Anonymous10/09/2011

    Keep it, you look great and wool is wonderful so nice and warm, just wear something underneath and the itching problem is gone. It's a really cool blazer, hope you keep it.

  3. KEEP IT!! or we can do a swap for one of my items if you still can't decide! lol


  4. Flying all the way just to see you and say hello...and wish you all the best for this new week. Great post! Visit me too. Good night, wonderful dreams…
    Greeting !

  5. Hi Nav! Honestly, would you enjoy wearing it if you know that it itches? Or could you imagine yourself avoiding it most days and then eventually feeling obligated to wear it just because you paid $40 for it? If you could see yourself avoiding it, definitely return it and hold out for something better that you will ALWAYS want to wear.


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