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Guest Post: Skylette from Sassy Savvy Style

Hello Ladies!

I'm Skylette from Sassy Savvy Style and I'm so excited to do a guest post while the lovely Lilly is away; don't you just love her style?!?!  I do too, and I love that she is giving herself a no shopping ban for October, I think I will join too!  In light of the no shopping ban, I thought it would be great to start a feature called, "One Piece, Three Ways" as a way for me to start remixing my closet and working more with what I've got versus what I want.  Let's give this a whirl, shall we?

First up is a sequin shell from Ann Taylor that I absolutely love.  One of my friends mentioned once that sequins are for nights out only... Sorry, but I have to disagree.  Sequins can be worn for a night out, sure, but also to the office, for lunch with the girls and to church too!  Have a look:

Look #1:  For the Night Out

I wore this number for a hot date with my hubby and kept it more casual with skinny jeans and a blazer
{Outfit Details:  Ann Taylor Sequin Shell, Gap Blazer, Loft Pin, American Eagle Skinnies, Zara Heels}

Look #2:  In the Office

I kept the look fun and fierce for the office and wore a silk button down under the shell with some denim trousers.  Wearing the blouse UNDER the top kept it work appropriate but also allowed the shell to be a statement piece without covering up all those lovely sequins!
{Outfit Details:  Ann Taylor Sequin Shell, J Crew Dot Blouse, Jessica Simpson Leopard Heels}

Look #3:  To Church

Finally, a little number to wear to church... I paired the shell with a neutral skirt and a cardigan with a fun pop of color, and of course, we can't forget the shoes... Color mixing has been all over the place so instead of going neutral there, I added a fun, vibrant yellow shoe.
{Outfit Details:  Ann Taylor Sequin Shell, Banana Republic Cardigan, J Crew Skirt, Urban Outfitters Shoes}

There you have it; three ways to wear one piece.  I'm inspired to keep reworking my closet and stick with this shopping ban, so let's do it!


  1. I love the idea, I had sometnig similar in mind a few days ago when I got a new skirt I can wear as a dress. :) I love all the looks, too, especially the last one. :)

  2. great idea! I love your skirt in the last picture.

  3. I LOVE them all! Great styling and creativity. <3

  4. Lovely, simply lovely. You and Lilly look like you could actually be sisters!

  5. Gorgeous combinations - I especially love the work look - who would have thought that sequins and a button down would look so fantastic together? I also love your Zara heels in your date night outfit - they are lovely!

  6. I love this idea of shoeing one item or accessory worn or used nultiple ways!!

  7. Anonymous10/13/2011


  8. Kaedyn Marie10/13/2011

    Gorgeous, Skylette!! Very nice touches on all looks! I want a sparkly top like that now!

  9. Completely agree: Sequins for Day!

  10. Thank you ladies, this was so much fun!

  11. Fabulous! Great job, I hope to see many more of these posts on your blog!

  12. Kathryn with a K10/15/2011

    I want those Zara heels! Are they still available?

  13. Great combos. You should do the next 30 day challenge of Kendi's!

  14. SuzieQ - I'm working on making it a regular feature.

    Kathryn with a K - Yes, they are still available. They were out of stock for a while but then became available again, so get them while you can!

    Facebook Friend - I don't know if I'm that bold! ;)


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