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...I'll make truffles instead...

Blazer: Marshalls
Skinnies: JCPenny
Gray Sweater: Old
Flats and Belt: J.Crew
Scarf: H&M

Yesterday was a rainy, gray day and therefore I had no desire to take pictures outside.  Instead I took the infamous work-bathroom-mirror pictures.  Better than nothing, right? Right. 

This whole shopping ban is slowly killing me. I'm almost done but I can hardly stand it anymore. I've lasted 27 days..... and I WILL last four more days...TUESDAY needs to hurry up!  I might not ever buy anything come Tuesday but just knowing that I CAN makes me feel better (I think I might have a problem).

Saturday I'm going to occupy myself by making Amaretto Truffles...and maybe I'll try Coconut Rum Truffles too. I'll go easy on the Rum (even though I've all the reasons in the world not to...maybe the Rum will make be forget about Saturday-Retail-Stores-hopping). 
I'll let you know how that goes. 



  1. Love these outfit! I have a scarf just like yours, I found mine at T.J Maxx =)

  2. Loving your red skinnies and how you styled them here. GOOD JOB on the shopping ban, Lilly! Hopefully those truffles are awesome so that you can be glad you were forced to be at home instead of out shopping on Saturday. At least your energy is getting to go to other things! Proud of you!


  3. Anonymous10/27/2011

    LOVE the outfit!

  4. LOVE the red pants!! Four more daysssss!

  5. loving the red skinnies - I am yet to buy my pair of colored skinnies! I am kinda gettng inspired by your to do a shopping ban of mine, bec in fall time it is a definite challenge!

    xo Nav

  6. Anonymous10/27/2011

    Four more days, you can do it! Oh I love this outfit, too. I have a leopard scarf like yours, I adore it!!!

  7. Wow, you are doing great! I don't think I could last 30 days at all, lol. Love the red skinnies, I have the blue and pink ones from Jcpenney. I got my red skinnies from Oldnavy.

    Love this entire look.

  8. We just loved those pants.
    Great look by the way.


  9. I love this outfit! Please keep pushing on, I failed on my ban and bought lots of makeup (but no clothes!). Why not post a truffles picture?

  10. Tuesday!!! YES!!! We are amazing!
    PS I LOVE your red pants!


  11. lovely outfit!!like it!!
    thanks for your comment=)
    kisses pretty and have a nice day!!;)

  12. Very cute jeans! I might have to rethink my opinion on JCpenny :)

  13. You're adorable! Loving the red skinnies...I just picked up a pair of pink skinnies that I can't wait to wear! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!

  14. Yum. Truffles sound so good. Your outfit looks lovely. I like your scarf.

  15. @Tiffany - Thank you :) T.J Maxx has some great stuff.

    @Audrey - Aw, thank you my closet twin :)

    @Marible - thank you :)

    @Love at First Shoe - ah, can't wait :)

    @Nav- you should get a pair :) Yes, Fall is a tough season to be on a ban.

    @Cafe Bellini - thank you :) I LOVE leopard.

    @Bajan Beauty - it's definitely been tough. Hopefully this will have taught me a less. We shall see :)

    @Saint Folie - thank you :)

    @Sarah S. - Good job on not buying clothes :) I think we have the opposite problems. I buy more clothes and you buy makeup. Makeup wasn't part of my ban just because I don't buy much of it anyways.
    I'll post some truffle photos.

    @Nikki - We totally are! I'm ready for Tuesday to be here haha

    @lapetiteblonde - thank you. Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Kaleigh Michelle - thanks. I gave them another chance after I found these pants and a purple pencil skirt :)

    @Audrey - thank you :) can't wait to see how you style them.

    @Girlie Blogger - thanks :) truffles will be a good distraction this weekend :)

  16. Fabulous outfit! The red pants are amazing, I love how you styled them. I've been on the hunt for a leo print scarf like yours, and when I went to H&M I couldn't find one! Boo :(

  17. Those red pants look amazing on you! I love the leopard with it too.

    I haven't done super well on the shopping ban Lilly. I have however spent much less then in months past. I've slowed down A LOT! So that's a plus right? It really is hard, especially because Fall is my favorite time for fashion and there are still so many things I want to add!

  18. Anonymous10/27/2011

    Love those red pants, especially with the leopard! You are so great at pulling everything together.
    You are SO CLOSE to making it through the entire month of October on the shopping ban--rocking it girl! You're almost there!

  19. Poor Lilly! I totally feel your pain....(or I would if I were on a shopping ban) Lol Seriously, you're doing great, stay strong ;)

  20. I am so proud of you for making it this long!! You can make it the rest of the days. Whatever you want will be there Tuesday and if not, it just wasn't meant to be. ;)

    I would like to request you make some extra amaretto truffles and send them my way!! They sound yummy.

  21. LOVE the red pants! ;) I have the J Crew pair I wore the other day and a skinny pair from AE and wonder if it's too much red??

  22. This outfit is lovely! I really want a huge leopard print scarf but I'm on a shopping ban too!!! Mine is for 6 months and if I can do it, you most definitely can do a month! :)

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  23. Love the leopard scarf - there's no way I could go 30 days w/o shopping, haha! ;-)

  24. Girl!! You're doing good! Tuesday will get here before you know it!

    And... I LOVE this outfit! Maybe, I need to shop in YOUR closet! (I'm thinking about putting myself on another ban!)

    Have a wonderful weekend making truffles! YUM!

    xo, sam

  25. LOVE the red skinnies..I have a pair of Level 99 red skinnies on order at a local boutique and can't WAIT to get them.
    Great scarf too!
    Happy weeekend girl!

  26. This is gorgeous! I love the red pants and leopard scarf!

    Have a great weekend, doll! :)

  27. I like the red pants.

  28. I love how you styled the red pants!! I just bought a pair of red Joe Jeans and have been scouring the internet for ways to style and I found your blog... so glad I did, LOVE your style!! Thanks for inspiring us budding fashionistas!

  29. I will take the scarf and your legs. Thankyouverymuch


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