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It's getting tough

Trench: Banana Republic
Shirt: Old
Pants: Kohls (old)
Shoes: AE via Payless
Bag: Gift

Since this shopping ban I've been trying to shop own closet and wear items that haven't seen daylight in a looong time. 
Today I had the urge to go shopping... mainly because of the things I see on different blogs. That definitely does not help with a shopping ban. I have a couple of store credits and for a minute I thought that wouldn't count as shopping (technically it wouldn't because the reason I'm on a shopping ban is to spend less $$ on clothes and shoes).  But I was good and decided to wait until next month to use the store credits I have. Good girl, no?! 

How is everyone else doing with their shopping  ban (those that joined me)?
Do tell! 



  1. You are a strong woman! I REALLY need to have a shopping ban of my own. I have so many clothes I haven't worn in forever.
    Cute outfit!!

  2. Way to be strong Lilly! I know what you mean about wanting to shop when you see other blogs.....sigh. I need to be strong too ;)

  3. Good for you Lilly!! Resist the clothing call!!

    I didn't officially join in on the shopping, but if I had I would need a reprimand. Three packages just last week and the new Shopbop code might get me into trouble.

  4. @Cherished Events - Thank you :) Even with a closet full of clothes it's hard not to shop.

    @Callandra - It's hard, especially with so many cute Fall clothing. Less than two weeks left, I need to make it until the end :)

    @fshnonmymind - Oh, I saw that 20% off at Shopbop. Can't wait to see what you got :)

  5. Pretty and classic look! I still have not found a trench after a few years of searching. They are always so expensive or not the right style/fit.

    I wanted to try this ban out, but it's been difficult with all of these amazing sales lately. I won't tell you which stores have sales until your ban is over ;) But if you want to know, don't hesitate to ask!

    But here is something to look forward to: When I ordered my Jeffrey campbell Litas, I found out that almost every store you can think of offers discounts. All you have to do is google the name of the store and add "discount code" or "coupon" at the end. I'm sorry if this makes you want to try this out right now, but I promise that you'll still be able to do it when your ban is done.

    Ok, that's all for now :) Sorry if I rambled on or didn't make much sense. I have a stupid migraine!


  6. @Azu - I recently (few months ago) bought this trench coat but I'm not sure if I like the fit as much as I was hoping.

    There are so many great deals right now out there, so not fair haha.
    Hope you feel better.

  7. I am having the hardest time with this shopping ban! I have a $20 Nordstrom note and man I really want a pair of Ray Bans. But I haven't bought a single thing and man it feels good to stay strong and keep up with this goal!

    Hope you had an awesome trip and i'm jealous of your tan!!


  8. Girl, I'm right there with you! I find myself standing in my closet just looking into space. Drew hates it when I say "I have NOTHING to wear!" haha. So, I too am trying to shop my closet.

    We don't have much longer! We can do it!

  9. @Nikki - It's tough, especially when we keep hearing about all the sales and discounts. But you're right, it feels good to stay strong :)

    @Love at First Shoe - Haha, I'm the same way. The closet is packed but something new is always better. We can so do this :)

  10. I know its very hard to stick to shopping ban, but bec you are, we (your bloggy friends) are so proud of you!

    You know I try to bring patterned shirts and pair it with colored cardi or blazers or colored bottoms...mixing color in outfits helps me sometimes.

    xo Nav

  11. bans are sometimes a necessary evil. We've all been there - stay strong!
    In thinking about it, I will say that I was more creative with my existing wardrobe when I was on my most recent ban. So maybe a silver lining?
    You look beautiful btw!!

    XO - Marion

  12. @Nav - Aw, thanks :) For some reason I've been draw to darker colors. Perhaps because of the yucky weather. But definitely need to add some color to the mix.

    @Marionberry Style - Aw, thanks hon'.
    You're right. It's a good time to get creative :)

  13. Hi Lilly!!

    Shopping bans are hard! I tried to go on a year long ban, but it only lasted 6 months! So far, your closet shopping looks amazing!

    xo, sam

    P.S. I am new follower!

  14. @Samantha - Wow, 6 months?! You're amazing lady! What's your secret?

    I'm happy you're here :)


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