Layering has begun

Crewneck Sweater: Forever21

Crewneck Sweater: Forever21

Button up shirt: Burberry

Jeans: AE
Flats: Ciao Bella via DSW

Bag: H&M

Bracelet: Loft

This is what I wore over the weekend, just Saturday really. It was chilly enough to layer (it has been chilly…in the 50’s). I got the sweater couple of days before my shopping ban…I needed a fix, and Forever21 is a cheap fix. I must admit….they’ve been having some real nice stuff lately. But I won’t tempt myself this month, that’s for sure. It’s day 3 and I’m doing great lol  (bread and laundry detergent don’t count…neither does Dove dark chocolate, just so you know) wink wink



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  1. 10.3.11
    Beautygirl24 said:

    Pretty! I love the green sweater on you. Green is one of my favorite colors this season. I am so envious that it's cold enough to layer where you are!

  2. 10.3.11
    melody-mae said:

    cute outfit! I had a HARD time when I did the 30 for 30 challenge no shopping for 30 days just about did me in! LOL Good luck!

  3. 10.3.11
    Sarah S. said:

    Preppy-cute 🙂 So far all I've bought is lunch with my husband and gas for my car… so far so good!

  4. 10.3.11
    claudia said:

    love this preppy outfit! did you have to go a size bigger in the sweater to comfortably fit the shirt underneath?

  5. 10.3.11
    Mary Ann said:

    That's a cute sweater for F21, is the quality nice?

  6. 10.3.11
    tima i. said:

    love this easy layered look!

  7. 10.3.11
    Anonymous said:

    This is gorgeous! Love the color combo–so cute and preppy 🙂 That 2nd picture is beautiful, love the sunrays!

  8. 10.3.11
    Jackie @ EatLove&Style said:

    Green is such a lovely color and this is layered perfectly. Love your flats.Jackie

  9. 10.3.11
    The Girlie Blog said:

    It's fun to layer. I am actually looking forward to the colder weather. Your shirt has a beautiful shade.

  10. 10.3.11
    Kerri said:

    Very cute outfit! Just found your blog through HenningLove :)Have a great one and enjoy that fall weather! I'm just loving it!

  11. 10.4.11
    Audrey @ Putting Me Together said:

    I LOVE that sweater! And I'm going nuts that it's from Forever 21. You look awesome! I love this layered look, and the shoes and the bag complete the whole outfit.

  12. 10.4.11
    Pretty Affair said:

    loving the green jumper – the colour is so pretty! nicely styled too 😉

  13. 10.4.11
    shay said:

    Cute outfit, love the green sweater!

  14. 10.4.11
    Fancy Steps said:

    What a cute outfit !1 loving your blog new follower

  15. 10.4.11
    Lilly's Style said:

    Thank you on your sweet comments ladies :)@Claudia – I bought it in Small and it fits fine under the button up. I probably could have gotten away with Medium and have it be more slouchy. @Mary Ann – the quality is ok. It's 100% acrylic but for $15 I couldn't pass it up :)@Fancy Steps – Thank you. I'm always happy to see a new follower 🙂

  16. 10.4.11
    Anonymous said:

    You look very nice, as usual. This actually looks like a Kate Middleton outfit! I like your bag. I can't believe it's from H&M!

  17. 10.4.11
    Cee said:

    I love the kelly green of this sweater. It transitions beautifully into fall outfits.3 days and so far so good. Keep it up, Lilly!

  18. 10.5.11
    Andee Layne said:

    you look so cute! xo

  19. 10.6.11
    azu said:

    This is such a classic outfit! I could definitely see myself wearing it. Green is one of my favorite colors & you wear it so well 🙂 That bag is cute too.Such amazing pics! You look so pretty from head to toe. Even the sun looks heavenly in the

  20. 10.7.11
    Angeline said:

    Love the layering and how preppy chic it looks with the flats and satchel! Great outfit.