Polka dot top and mustard skirt

Cardi: Express

Polka Dot Top: Old Navy

Skirt: The Limited (old)

Shoes: Marshalls

Necklace: JCPenny

I’ve been wearing these flats SO much. They are definitely my favorite pair of flats. Besides being super cute they are so comfortable. If I ever come across another pair they will be coming home with me (no, it won’t be in October, the shopping ban is still on).  

Not sure if I will have time to do another post this week. The week has been super busy already plus we’re leaving on Saturday for our vacation, so I have to finish packing and get few other things done. Like a million loads of laundry that’s waiting for me in the basement. Our washer broke last week so we had to go at 8pm that night and buy a new one. They just delivered it this morning and I can’t wait to use it (I’ve been wanting a new washer for a while now so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy that the old one broke). 

 For some reason things keep breaking on me (things I wanted to replace anyways but couldn’t justify replacing something that isn’t broke). So when our vacuum broke I was SO happy.  Mr. got the Dyson and I LOVE it. After the first use the carpet looked like new. Amazing stuff and worth every penny. 

Never thought I would be so excited about a new washer and a new vacuum lol

While I’m on vacation next week a few ladies were so kind to volunteer and guest post for me.  I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to them. Make sure you stop by next week, starting Monday, and check out the guest posts.

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  1. 10.5.11
    Sarah S. said:

    I love this outfit 🙂 Have a great vacation!

  2. 10.5.11
    marcella said:

    love it :)http://urbanprettygirl.blogspot.com/

  3. 10.5.11
    Mary Ann said:

    I love the mustard color, especially paired with the polka dots. Have a fab vacay!

  4. 10.5.11
    Anonymous said:

    Love this combo!

  5. 10.5.11
    melody-mae said:

    I LOVE that skirt!

  6. 10.5.11
    Beautygirl24 said:

    OMG, I love this look! The flats are very Chanel-esque. I also love the mustard skirt. Anything mustard is on my radar.

  7. 10.5.11
    Meggy said:

    Verrry cute! Loving polka dots with everything right now! 🙂 I'm sooo missing wearing pencil skirts…sigh.Meggy from Chasing Davies

  8. 10.5.11
    Alleycat said:

    Thanks for stopping by… I love this outfit!

  9. 10.5.11
    Carly said:

    YOu should NEVER take that skirt off…amazing color and the fit is just sensational on you!Love the mix with the polka dots!C

  10. 10.6.11
    Bonnie said:

    This is a great look. Polka dots really go well with mustard. Loving the skirt.http://www.glamkittenslitterbox.com/Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. 10.6.11
    Lilly's Style said:

    Thank you girls 🙂

  12. 10.6.11
    Ella Pretty Blog said:

    I adore those flats too – I hope you find a back-up pair after october 🙂 I know how exciting GOOD appliances can be – my mom has a Dyson and she loves it so much – she doesn't let anyone else use it LOL!

  13. 10.6.11
    Nikki said:

    I love that color of that skirt, you always have awesome skirts! I need to add to my skirt collection.NikkiFashionsonthefly.blogspot.com

  14. 10.6.11
    azu said:

    LOL! I love getting new vacuums. I've wanted a Dyson ever since my best friend got one for her bridal shower. We used to quote James Dyson all day. "It neva loses suction!" And it really doesn't. They're so cool. Lucky you for getting one.About your outfit…I looove mustard and this skirt looks so good on you. I caught a glympse of your last post and I want to go check it out. Be right back… ;)www.ravenhaireddoll.blogspot.com

  15. 10.6.11
    Audrey @ Putting Me Together said:

    Twins again. (Not today, but I did the polka dot + yellow skirt on Monday!) I'm not surprised. You look fab!Audreywww.puttingmetogether.com

  16. 10.6.11
    Bre said:

    Ha not many people are happy about their vacuum breaking but, for a Dyson I guess I would be happy too:-)Love your outfit and that skirt is FAB! I wish you an amazing time on your vacation. Cheers, Bre

  17. 10.6.11
    Natasha said:

    Very cute! I love polka dots, and I love mustard…perfect combo!Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  18. 10.6.11
    JRuud said:

    I'm obsessed with your outfit! That skirt…well lets just say I have a new appreciate towards "mustard" :)Love the blog hun!!

  19. 10.7.11
    Anonymous said:

    im so obsessed with mustard anything and this skirt is rockin!!!

  20. 10.7.11
    alicia said:

    cute skirt!!

  21. 10.7.11
    malakabanica said:

    Love! Hvala na komentaru. Ova suknja je tako krasna i jako mi se sviđa kako ide na točkice. Baš ti lijepo stoji sve skupa. Pratim te, definitivno.

  22. 10.7.11
    Neris / Fashion Fractions said:

    ODLICNO! preslatka kombinacija :)))bas mi je drago sta sam nasla tvoj blog :)Happy Friday!xxx,Fashion Fractions

  23. 10.8.11
    Adriana said:

    I'm sooo loving your outfit. Love how you are wearing a polka dot top instead of just a plain white tank top. VERY CUTE!

  24. 10.8.11
    Lilly's Style said:

    Ladies, thank you on your very sweet comments 😀

  25. 10.10.11
    natasha {schue love} said:

    Love the mustard skirt with polka dot top! I have a similar skirt for JCrew and I'm always looking for new ways to style it! 🙂

  26. 10.14.11
    JC said:

    Gorgeous skirt! This is definitely a great look.