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What happened to Phoenix

...Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Phoenix to be exact?
I've worn it only a few times since I've bought it. I was hoping the pictures below would give you an idea what the color looks like (and those are the only once I've taken which was a while back) but the pictures are a bit dark. 

before (nude lip will always be my fav)

with Chanel Rouge in Phoenix  (need to take pictures in light)


This is what happens when you can't go shopping on a Saturday, you share interesting pictures of yourself!

The shopping ban for October has officially begun! 
I know a few of you mentioned you'd like to give it shot....Love at First ShoeBeautygirl24Fashions on the FlyBeauty Vigilante,...we'll try it together even if it's for a few weeks.  Did I forgot anyone else? Let me know in the comments below if I did (sorry), or if you would like to join us and give it a try. 



  1. Yes, but I am allowing myself to buy makeup brushes and Dior Amber Diamond (at long last) at Sephora's F&F :) No clothes/shoes though!

  2. such a pretty color! I always go to a nude lip but would love to use color on my lips more!! xox
    Come Visit Soon!

  3. Very pretty! And your hair is gorgeous!

  4. Pretty shade.:D

    Good luck, it will be November before you know it and you can shop again!;D

    ***** Marie *****
    Udderly Smooth® Giveaway

  5. Your curled hair is really pretty - you should make a tutorial on how you curl it!

  6. Not shopping is so hard! (I'm always a huge failure)
    Good luck with the ban!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Best of luck with the shopping ban, Lilly! It's hard but stay strong!

  8. You look gorgeous. Love your hair.

  9. Good luck on the shopping ban! I put myself on restriction from time to time, so I definitely know how hard it can be. Just remember... there will always be cute stuff to buy later, lol!

    Closet Confections - A Sweet Little Fashion Blog

  10. Good luck Lilly! I just put in an order for Ann Taylor so I guess that means I'm out ;) Lol

  11. @Sarah S. - Wait, Sephora is having F&F? This month? I must have missed the memo :)

    @Love at First Shoe - Yes we can :)

    @Mary and Dyer - Thank you. It's nice to try new colors, even if I always end up going back to nude lips :)

    @Kelly - Thanks girl :)

    @Marie - thanks, I hope so. :)

    @Mary Ann - Thank you. I really don't do anything special with my hair. Just use a 2" curling iron and curl away from my face (I'm video camera shy lol).

    @LyddieGal - It is hard. I've tried a few times and failed. Hope this time around will be different :)

    @Cee - Thank you Cee :)

    @The Girlie Blog - Aw, thank you :)

    @ClosetConfections - you're right, there will always be stuff ;-)

    @Callandra - haha, maybe next time :)

  12. oooh me, I need a shopping ban too-I've been spending way too much money on random clothes and crap lately. I wrote a post about this on sunday.

  13. Sooo ironic! I just found your blog about a week ago, and one of my friends and I started a shopping ban (no clothes, accessories, or shoes) for October too! I went a month without shopping about 2 and a half years ago... you can do it!!! (btw, I absolutely love your outfits)

  14. @CT Cupcake - it's hard to say no but you can do it :)

    @Rebekah Lyn - Thanks :) Have you found it to be pretty hard, no shopping at all? Did you have any exceptions? :)


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