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who doesn't love boots!?

Faux Leather Jacket: Target (super old)
Sweater: NY&Co
Jeans: Aeropostale
Boots: Sam Edelman 
Scarf: H&M

Are you guys already tired of seeing these boots? Good, because you'll be seeing them a lot more this Fall/Winter.  For those who have been following by blog for a while you know how much I wore them last Fall/Winter/early Spring...a here, here, here, here, here and here  this post has actually three different pairs of boots in it, proof I wear other boots too lol), oh and here..and a many more times lol...I'm sure you get the idea.

I love boots, what can I say.  I would really LOVE, love to get these Hunter Boa Snake boots but I can't bring myself to spend $150 on rubber (I won't say it will never know...never-say-never). Plus the only place I can find them is eBay...for $180, definitely a no-no. But I sure love 'em.

You Sunshines have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. This is like my winter uniform. I also have a super-old target faux leather jacket... it just won't die lol

  2. @Sarah S. - Haha, for as cheap as I bought mine I'm surprised it's still holding up so well. Love me some Target :)

  3. I love the boots!!
    ^.^ Really cute!!

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  4. @Sakuranko - Thank you :)

  5. I love this outfit simple but still interesting. I love mixing black and brown! You do it so well!

  6. Lovely casual comfy look! Those Hunter boots look stylish...have you seen the Old Navy faux-alligator rain boots - I think they were inspired by last year's Jimmy Choo for Hunter boots (though not as slim and stylish).

  7. I love this outfit! It looks so cozy and casual but so put together all at the same time. Love the boots!

  8. Fabulous post! Can't think of a good reason not to love boots, especially over the knee. I still need a pair.

  9. I love your boots in this post. I have a pair of Hunter boots, you can see a post about them a while back on my blog. I was dumb though and bought them in 'duck egg' which is like a sky blue. It's so pretty but doesn't exactly match well with everything.

    You should def get the black ones, they're awesome!

    Anyways, love your blog, new follower here!

    Check mine out if you like...

    Amelia xxx

  10. I cant wait to see how you wear those boots this year :) They are fab! I am going to live vicariously through your winter since Florida will only have about 8-10 really chilly days.

    xoxo Teresa
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  11. Love it, as usual!

  12. Love the leather jacket and infinity scarf.
    I found some classic hunter boots for about $70 on Ebay...I was a tad nervous to order them but they are definitely legit...the snakeskin ones are def cool.

  13. I love those over the knee boots. Those rain boots are adorable! Maybe your shopping ban will help you save up for them. ;) I'm sure if you keep looking you can find them much cheaper!

  14. @Camille @ NeverNaked - Thank you :) I think one of my fav color combos is black and brown.

    @Ella Pretty Blog - I saw the ones from Old Navy and they're pretty nice. I originally fell in love with Jimmy Choo for Hunter ones but the price is a little crazy :)

    @Schnelle Couture - Thank you :)

    @Girlie Blogger - Thank you :) I can't get enough of boots for some reason.

    @UglyDuckling - Aw, thank you, happy to see a new follower :) The 'duck egg' is still pretty plus not a color everyone has (like black :)
    Definitely checking out your blog.

    @Teresa - ah, 8-10 chilly days...that's not always a bad thing :)

    @Andi - Thank you Andi :)

    @Annie L. - that's a great find. eBay makes me nervous somethings..hard to tell what's legit (I guess sometimes it depends where the product is being shipped from).

    @Love at First Shoe - Definitely would love to find them for a bit cheaper. Can't wait until this shopping ban is over :)

  15. I love boots too! Especially your boots here! Very pretty :)

  16. i got those same Hunter boots for $78 last year from Saks. maybe they'll go on sale again this year. keep your eye out!

  17. I'm also obsessed with boots right now, but having the same debate about Hunter boots! My rain/snow boots from the past few seasons are now leaky so I need to find a replacement. Can't decide if I want to splurge on a pair of Hunter's or not!!!

  18. @Judy - wow, that's a great deal. Thanks for the tip. Hopefully I'll stumble upon a great deal like that. :)

    @Kelly - I know what you mean. I was thinking about getting something a bit cheaper but I know I'll always lust after these. So hopefully I'll find them for a bit less. I think they might be worth it :)

  19. I never, ever will get tired of seeing you in these brown boots. They are a reminder that I *need* a pair in my life ;) Love your fall outfit, Lilly!

  20. Love those boots!! (Entire outfit actually ;)

  21. Anonymous10/23/2011

    i also fell in love with the jimmy choo for hunter croc boots, unfortunately i am too petite for hunter boots or jimmy choo knee high boots. i purchased the sperry top-sider pelican black embossed croc boots. i love them! - pma

  22. I love wellies too!<3

  23. New follower :). Love your style!

    Is your scarf an infinity, or is it tied like that?? Either way, can you show us how you make it look so nice?

  24. @Cee - Thank you, Cee! It took me a while to find THE ones but once I did...well, I've been wearing them a ton :)

    @Callandra - Thank you :)

    @Anon - I had to google the sperry ones and they are really cute. Love that style. :)

    @Ana - they're pretty fab. :)

    @Jess - Aw, thank you Jess :) It's just a long scarf and it's pretty wide (which helps make it look more like an infinity scarf when worn this way). I tuck in the ends towards the back of my neck to make it look like this (hope this makes sense :)

  25. I absolutely agree, $150 for rubber, I expect leather! Love the boots you are wearing and keep enjoying them, if you love something why not wear it to the max?

  26. everyone loves boots! just found your blog. lovin it!

  27. LOVING your outfits. Come style me! You really have a knack for putting together some serious style on a budget. I am in shock when I read where the pieces are from. Everything looks fantastic!

  28. LOVE your Sams Edelman boots! I saw them at Nordstrom Rack but they didnt have my size!! I'm so jealous, they are so so so cute!!!

    xoxo Denise

  29. Thanks for stopping by!! I just bought some olive green original hunters... took me a whole year to decide... lol But I am going to say that they were the best purchase ever!!!

  30. @Bravoe Runaway - I agree. That's my problem, I wear the things I love way too much :)

    @Eliza - Thank you :)

    @Sierra - Thank you hon'. You've great style too, I checked out your blog :)

    @Denise Pacurar - Thank you :) I so happy my hubby got them for me last year. I love 'em.

    @Lacy - I saw a picture on your blog with them on. I'm afraid I'll break down a buy a pair. lol

  31. I am a little late to the party here, but I bought those exact Hunter boots at Nordstrom Rack for $79ish in October. Last time I visited the store (maybe a week ago?) they still had a couple pairs in various sizes. I live in Las Vegas, so I haven't quuite had an opportunity to wear them but I love them! Helps explain how they aren't flying off the shelf! They are so cute! I bought the dark gray color but they had the black also. If your interested in calling the # is 702.948.2121.

    Found your blog from a "pin" on pinterest :) love it!

  32. @Ms. J - wow, that is an awesome deal! Thank you :) I haven't called yet, totally forgot, but I hope they still have them and hope they ship.


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