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Give your 'old stuff' a second chance

Trench Coat: Banana Republic
Top: Target (old)
Cardi and Bracelet: Charlotte Russe (2010?)
Pants: Express (old)
Shoes: Nine West (old)
Bag: Gift 
Scarf: H&M
Belt: J.Crew

Instead of wearing my "new" stuff I decided to dig into my closet and pull out something I haven't worn in a while.  I keep reaching for the same items over and over again while most pieces hardly ever get touched. So dig into your closet and pull something you haven't worn in a while, or ever  :) 


p.s. A giveaway is coming up tomorrow.


  1. Love when you forget about something, and it feels new all over again!
    Cute yellow ;)

  2. I love when you try on something you haven't worn it a while it seems all brand new! You look great btw!

  3. I like your top a lot. Such a nice shade.

  4. Great idea! I think it's important to wear all of the clothes we own. You look very professional here and polished.

  5. this looks great! I would have never thought that neon could look professional - but it totally does!

  6. Great strategic use of color... I agree, it looks fun but professional :)

  7. Love the neon! I have to constantly remind myself to dig into my closet for "new" outfits instead of buying new stuff!

  8. I agree, sometimes I forget about the old stuff - I love when something new gives me inspiration to pull out something old.

  9. Love your outfit - especially the chic BR trenchcoat.

    I'm going to try remixing my wardrobe more...I've been rearranging everything so it's more accessible and in sight.

  10. I needed to see this post because I'm just beginning my pre-Christmas ban on frivolous shopping for myself and I need to be excited about what I already have. Ugh, this is going to be hard. :-/

  11. Anonymous11/04/2011

    Yeah I unfortunately have a lot of clothes that fit that category...

  12. I love you hair, it's so gorgeous Lily! I've cleaned out my closet in hopes of making things easy to wear. (ie the 6 blazers I've never worn) lol

  13. Love it. Yellow looks great on you. I am guilty of doing the samething. The shopping ban in Ocotber has really help me rediscover my closet :)

  14. Sometimes it's like going shopping again doing this type of thing. You just have to get creative. You did a great job, I love that yellow top!
    Also, love your hair, it's so multi tonal. I want some blonde high lights.

  15. Express Pants are my favorite. I have a couple pairs from my days as an intern in DC in 2007 and I still wear them to work occasionally.

    You look great, as always

  16. I like to do that with old stuff too! or I go "shopping" in my sister's closet and borrow something of hers.

  17. I need to take this advice.. :)

  18. I love the coat, you look amazing.


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