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H&M crossbody bag double

Hello lovely people! Hope you're having a great Tuesday so far!

Some of you asked me where I got my crossbody bag you noticed in my previous post. It's from H&M and I bought it end of August when we went to Chicago! But don't be sad...I've found one that looks oh-so-very-similar to mine at Nordstrom, only a couple of $ more than what I paid at H&M.
I'm also LOVING it in navy color!

Pretty great deal if you ask me! 



  1. Cute bag! Thanks for sharing :) I looove crossbody bags.

    xoxo Azu

  2. Love H&M. And I just happen to need a crossbody bag. They are convenient and cute.

  3. So cute. I cannot believe the price for Nordstrom's!

  4. i love it, and very nice price! i love the fall color. xx

  5. Amazing cross body bag with lovely color and design.


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