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(outfit from last Tuesday)
 Sweater: Banana Republic (similar here and here)
Chambray Shirt: Target (buy similar here)
Jeans: Kohl's (Candie's) (buy here)
Pumps: Steve Madden (buy here)
Necklace: JCPenny (similar here and here)
Belt: Came w/a skirt (similar here, here and three for price of one here)
Watch: Michael Kors (buy here, similar here for $25)

The long weekend is coming to an end. I didn't accomplish something I was hoping I would. My problem is when I set my mind on something I want it done now. Instead, I need to learn patience.
I wanted to change up a few things in our half bathroom (thanks to pinterest) but I didn't find certain items I needed. So I'll just have to be patient and wait.

Hope you had a great weekend! 

p.s. Last chance to enter the giveaway, there will be two winners and there are four different ways to enter.


  1. Well at least you're outfit is cute!

    P.S. I'm hosting an awesome Chickey Designs giveaway! Please feel free to stop by and enter!

  2. I really like the soft lighting in these pictures :) Don't worry Lilly, I didn't get much done either! I'm so so sad the weekend is almost over. I need a vacation!

  3. Patience is certainly a virtue. Glad you are practicing it now.

    Love your outfit. Good layering.

  4. so in love with this look! and your glad i found it.

    Ask the Duplex

  5. did you get this shirt from target recently? I didn't see it online and I really want to get it!

  6. @Krysten - Thank you :)

    @Beautygirl24 - Thanks Noelle. I wouldn't mind few more days off :)

    @Girlie Blogger - Thank you :) I definitely need to work on my patience.

    @Monica and Whitney - Aw, thank you. And welcome :)

    @cchu04 - I got it earlier this year, I believe, but Old Navy has a very similar one. Here is the link

  7. Cute outfit! Love the chambray shirt!

  8. Great outfit. Love the color combo.

  9. Hey Gorgeous, don't beat yourself up with something silly like that. I am sure soon enough you will find the items you were looking for and you will accomplish this project :)

    loving the soft outfit too!

    xo Nav

  10. Valerie11/27/2011

    Is that more than one necklace? I saw similar ones at JCP but they don't seem to be that exact one

  11. Hi! Recently found your blog, love it!
    The bracelet you've wore with the white watch, where did you get it?

  12. Love your style! just found your blog, very nice!

  13. What a cute outfit! I adore your style! xo

  14. I'm a bit in love with your style. Your blog is awesome! :)

  15. Love this outfit--that sweater is so cute!
    Pinterest has added about a million things to my to do list too... :)

  16. just found your blog...great style...i happened to notice your rug on this post. where did you get it??? thanks!!

  17. @Valerie - It's all one necklace. :)

    @Allison - Thank you :) I got it at F21.

    @aruna b. - Thank you :) The rug is from Ikea.

  18. Lorie Markin11/28/2011

    Which pumps were you wearing from Steve madden? I found two different styles...

  19. Anonymous11/28/2011

    Love it, as usual! the jeans are perfect on you

  20. Anonymous11/29/2011

    Your house looks super cute. You should do a post on your decor!

  21. I want to be entered into the necklace giveaway. Love the blog!

  22. This is such a chic look! I adore your IKEA rug by the way ;)


  23. How do you tie your belt like that?? also, feel free to check out my fashion blog!

  24. Love the outfit & how you tied your belt! Very cute :)

  25. Anonymous9/30/2013

    Is this legit from 2011?


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