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iPhone issue

 Shirt: Gap (can't find online, I got mine in store on sale) (similar)
Cardi: Old Navy (similar) (and here
Pants: Marshalls (these are not quite black) (similar) (and here)
Boots: Sam Edelman (buy here)
Necklace: F21
 Sweater: F21 (similar at F21 and here)
Pants: Marshalls - (similar at AP) (similar here) (Target has some, check store)
Boots: Sam Edelman  (buy here)
Necklace: NY&Co.
Belt: Gap

 Sweater: Loft  (similar, take 50% off - "TAKE50") (here) (and at F21)
Pants: Loft (similar) (and here)
Wedges: Simply Vera Wang via Kohl's  (similar at CR) (and here)
Necklace: JCPenny

Top: J.Crew (bought mine in store on sale) (buy here online)
Sweater: Express (similar at Mango on sale) (at LOFT - take 50% w/code "TAKE50)
Heels: Victor Alfaro  (similar) (and here by JS)
Necklace: F21
Ring: H&M

Since I've been somewhat slacking with my posts this week I though I'd share what I had on my iPhone camera. 
AND, speaking of iPhone...apparently mine decided to sit in my lap on my way to work and this morning while stepping out of my vehicle the iPhone fell flat on its face! 
 So half of my screen has a nice crack in it. 
My poor iPhone has been dropped SO many times and nothing ever happened...until today. I'm telling you that those little protective covers you put on your screen work wonders. Except I took mine off as it needed a new one. And Mr. blames it on my new bling-bling cover. 
Fine, I'll get the 4S! Sheesh! (wink, wink)

Happy Thursday! 


  1. Awww, I'm sorry to hear that! I feel like a cell phone mishap is bound to occur to everyone at one point though, so no worries! I hope you get a new one soon :)

  2. Ouch! Your poor phone. Mine kind of died last year too.

    Cute clothes. Love that striped Loft sweater.

  3. So sorry about your phone - but thanks for the warning to keep a cover protector on - who knew they really worked LOL!

    Love the F21 necklace in the first photo - you always find the cutest clothes and accessories!

  4. @Beautygirl - Thanks Noelle. I'm excited to get a new one (and keep it safe of course :)

    @Girlie Blogger - Thank you :) It seems each phone I had it developed some kind of issues (some caused by me lol)

    @Ella Pretty Blog - thank you.
    Might sound crazy but my cell has hit the cement quite a few times and never had a crack until today. So I'm convinced the cover helped :)

  5. ooh sorry to hear that, I know so many people with cracked iPhones lol

    very nice outfits, I like your style!

  6. You can (most likely) go to an Apple store and get your phone replaced with a cracked screen! It depends on if you've done that too many times before or not. I've had a handful of friends go in and get a brand new phone, no questions asked. But, I guess it is a nice excuse for the 4s. And as always, great outfits. :)

  7. Love the green pants!

  8. Sorry about your phone! Love both the F21 necklaces. I never shop there for jewelry and will have to start to!

  9. love love love the turquoise pants!!


  10. @Tiffany - thank you :) I definitely need to be more careful.

    @Audrey - I found out tonight that with the new Apple Care plus they will replace the phone for $50. Good to know for the future reference :)

    @Virginia - Thank you :)

    @Court - I have found great necklaces and F21 and never had problem with any (wish I could say the same about the more expensive ones I bought in the past). Definitely check out their jewelry. :)

    @Prairie Princess - Thank you :)

  11. sorry to hear about your phone... I guess the 4s is a sacrifice your just going to have to make ;-)

  12. I love all these outfits Lilly!

  13. ooo so many cute looks! love the jade pants, lace top, and the necklace worn with the jade pants! you have darling style.

  14. Love all of these outfits! I love how you pair black and brown together.

  15. Ok, I love every single thing here. The way you mix color is really inspiring!

  16. I would say bummer..but I just read above post and see you got a new phone from fabulous!!!!

    Love the outfits..I think I have said it before but I LOVE LOVE LOVE those green jeans...what a fun color..for winter OR spring:)
    Happy New Year!

  17. loving all those looks!


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