It’s a rainy day

Blazer: H&M (similar here, and here at ASOS)

Shirt: Old Navy (similar here and here at J.Crew on sale)

Wide Leg Denim: Gap (similar here, here and here)

Wedges: (can’t see but they’re Simply Vera Wang) (almost identical) (other option)

Belt: Gap (similar here and at J.Crew on sale)

Necklace: NY&Co. (similar and a cool option)

Watch: Michael Kors (buy)

Last week my hair just looked like a hot mess. The color I had done few months ago faded and my roots looked…bad. My hair stylist just had a baby so I had to come to my own rescue. I bought a light golden brown knowing it won’t turn out that way but at least it won’t be super dark and most importantly rest of my hair will match my roots.  I’m happy with the results…until it fades again (I didn’t use permanent color).

If I had highlights I would’ve been in major trouble. Glad I went dark for Fall/Winter.

Do you ever color your own hair? 


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  1. 12.14.11
    Anonymous said:

    So cute as always-such a fun, modern take on the classic 70s University look–love the wide legs on you!

  2. 12.14.11
    Girlie Blogger said:

    You take such good pictures in the mirror. I need to learn how to do that. Would save me a bunch of trouble.Excellent blazer. Love the patch on the elbow.

  3. 12.14.11
    Audrey @ Putting Me Together said:

    Cute blazer! My brother and sister have dyed their hair all sorts of crazy colors, but I've never colored mine.

  4. 12.14.11
    sharon lei said:

    I used to dye my own hair when I was younger. Remember Sun In? LOL. I was an avid user. hahaha. Gone are those days tho. I played a lot with color in my early twenties. I had the best hair stylist, but she passed away. She was a great friend and was so taletned. I haven't really played with color since her passing tho. On a sartorial note, I love that jacket. The elbow patches are super rad!Swing by to enter my Shabby Apple Giveaway. The perfect tulle skirt, just in time for the holidays!!xx Love & Aloha

  5. 12.14.11
    Sarah S. said:

    Actually I was thinking with this post and your last that your hair was looking really nice!

  6. 12.14.11
    Beautygirl24 said:

    That jacket is so cute! It fits well, and the little elbow patches are a fun touch. I've never colored my own hair, and I don't think I could! My hair holds a lot of orange tones, so I fear I would turn it bright orange! Luckily, my hair is an all over dark color, so I don't worry about roots. It's naturally pretty dark, but I have my fiance's sister dye it even darker 🙂 You did a great job on yours!

  7. 12.14.11
    Anonymous said:

    ANOTHER blazer to die for! =P i've never colored my own hair…too scared what the results might be…! but envy those who do and can! lookin' great!

  8. 12.14.11
    Lisa @ MMT said:

    That is a cute blazer! You have the best figure, everything looks great on you!

  9. 12.14.11
    Kati said:

    I am in love with that blazer, it looks so great on you with that necklace!

  10. 12.15.11
    Meaghan K. said:

    Thanks to pinterest I came across your blog for the first time today. All I can say is just…WOW! Your style is amazing and I already have this site bookmarked to come back again and again to see what's new. 🙂 I am so inspired by all of the cute clothes and accessories you find at such great places and for such great prices! Awesome–keep doing what you do, it's great!

  11. 12.15.11
    Candy Apple Fashion said:

    I love that necklace!! Lovin' the blazer, too! :)~Michelle

  12. 12.15.11
    Skylette from Sequins&Stilettos said:

    That blazer is amazing! Yes, I color my own hair on occassion when it's too far between trips to the salon. 🙂

  13. 12.15.11
    Glam And Eggs said:

    OMG I love everything about this! LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE!!!!!

  14. 12.15.11
    Evi Vlaemynck said:

    I have once colord my hair! when i was 18, i never going to do it again until i become grey!It makes your hair fragile and when your hair is groing you have to do it over and over again!No never again for me!I love my hair like my mom give me! 😉 brown and straight!(sorry that my english is bat!)

  15. 12.15.11
    Ugly Duckling said:

    Your hair looks gorgeous as always hun!I love this look on you but I could never pull of those kind of pants with a short jacket like that. You have an amazing figure!!Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xI WAS AN UGLY DUCKLING BLOG!

  16. 12.15.11
    Cait said:

    I have never colored my hair BUT I did just get a haircut and used one of your pictures to get your hair style. It came out awesome! I love it, but I struggle to recreate your style at home. How do you curl your hair like that?

  17. 12.15.11
    Lilly's Style said:

    Thank you on your sweet comments ladies. @Cait – Aw, I'm so happy to hear that. Glad you like it :)I use a 1.5 inch curling iron (but I think I might get one that's .25 smaller). I curl away from my face. I found a youtube video that I'll post, the girl does it pretty much the same way I do (since I'm not ready to make a video myself 🙂

  18. 12.15.11
    Kimberly said:

    I love those pants! Cute style! I've been taking some of your layering ideas and wearing them to work; it helps to put an extra bounce in my step each morning instead of just throwing one shirt one and not feeling stylish. You've inspired me to bring a little more "sexy" into my wardrobe!-Kimberly {}

  19. 12.16.11
    Lilly's Style said:

    @Kimberly – It makes me happy to hear that 🙂

  20. 12.16.11
    marie said:

    Super cute!.. My next purchase!

  21. 12.19.11
    Teresa - Life and Style said:

    I love this blazer, it looks incredibly chic on you!

  22. 12.20.11
    LK said:

    Literally was in H&M last night, passed over the blazer then inspiration struck and I recalled this post and I definitely purchased it 🙂 We have a holiday party tomorrow night, was thinking skinnies, nude pumps with a white tee like you have there. Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. 1.26.12
    chelsea lyn said:

    love the blazer!

  24. 4.1.12
    kappafitz said:

    Love the outfit but the best bit is how you give the alternative to give options… Must take time and research. Such attention to detail is noted and appreciated!K