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Outfit: Kate Middleton inspired

The queen of awkward faces...
not used to having my picture taken. How do you ladies always look so natural in your pictures? Got some tips? 

Dress: Old Navy
Sandals: Nine West

When I first came across this dress on Old Navy's website it immediately remained me of Kate's engagement dress. I ended up purchasing it that day (about a month ago) and wasn't sure about keeping it. I really like it but I do wish it was knee length. Then I thought it would nicely transition into Fall...I can picture it with some boots and maybe a blazer or cardi. So I decided to keep it.

We're leaving for Chicago on Friday, so excited. I've been there quite a few times but I'm sure there is a lot more to do/see that I know about.  If you ladies have any recommendations of any places to see/visit/shop at please let me know in the comments below. I'm always excited to discover something new.

Happy Tuesday!

Military inspired last

Vest: Old Navy (buy here)
Tee: Tahari via Marshalls
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: JCPenny
Belt: The Limited

I finally found a Military inspired vest that didn't break my bank. I actually scored it for $25 (back to school sale I believe). Definitely worth it. You'll be seeing this baby quite a bit, just a warning. :)

My wonderful Mr. was nice enough to take my pictures...while making dinner.  And he made a delicious dinner, as usual. Definitely very thankful that he likes to cook and it's actually good at it.  I'm definitely not taking after my Mom who happens to be an excellent cook as well.  One day, Mom, one day, there is still hope!

Yay for Thursday!

OOTD: New blazer

Eyes half way closed apparently is not the best look on me

 Blazer: Forever21, Top: H&M, Pants: Loft, Shoes: Younkers, Purse: Giveaway win from Notes from the Dressing RoomNecklace: Old

Hope all of you had a great weekend (I'm slightly behind here).

Mine was rainy. We did go to the "Prairie  Home Companion" show and the show was pretty funny.  I think the four of us (my sister, her hubby, my Mr. and I) brought down the age average a bit...which probably was 68 (not that 68 is old).

Before the show...
Me: There are no "younger" people here, everyone is old.
Sister: I'm sure there are some here, we just can't see them yet.
Brother-in-law: Yea, they're called Care Takers.

Nothing wrong with joining our Senior Citizens for a little bit of socializing.  ;)

Anyway, I know none of you, or just some of you, don't want to hear it.. but the truth is...Fall is just around the corner, at least up here in MI.  What are you looking forward to the most this Fall?  Share in the comments below

Ikat and stripes

Skirt: Banana Republic (buy here)
Shirt: Forgot which plain black shirt I wore
Sandals: Kohl's 
Necklace: From overseas (borrowed from sis)
Bracelet: Gift
Ring: F21

I've been eyeing this skirt at BR for a while but the original price was $80.  Definitely a cute skirt but in my eyes not worth $80, sorry BR.  About 2-3 weeks ago I got it on sale. Got this one for me, and red/orange one for my sister. They still have this one online, in blue only. The sizing is way off. I had to size up and  got mine in size 4. It's a little snug in the hips (mine measure 36.5 inches) and little loose in the waist (25 inches).  Hope that helps if you decide to get it. But couldn't pass up the deal.  Loving the pockets ;-)

Tank Top: F21 (few different colors here and here)
Cardi: Old Navy (similar here and here, here for $20)
Jeans: AE (buy here)
Belt: The Limited
Flats: Gift from overseas (similar here, here and here)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe 

Both outfits are from couple of weeks ago, forgot to post them sooner. 

It's a rainy day today which would be a good day to paint my "girly room". But I have a feeling it won't happen today either. Later tonight we're going to see a show "Prairie Home Companion", so that's my excuse for not painting :)  My brother-in-law really likes them so we got tickets to see them tonight. They're pretty interesting.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend whatever you're doing! 



White denim make an appearance again

hmmm...not very work appropriate...but can be worn this way any other time
Top: F21
White Denim: Marshalls
Shoes: Macys
Belt: J.Crew
Bracelet: F21
Rings: Charlotte Russe

I wanted to wear these white denim pants again (as seen here, here, here) before the Summer is over (sorry guys, I know you don't want to hear anything about Summer being over....).  Up here mornings and evening have been a little times it has been 55 degrees in the morning but it does warm but during the day.

There are SO many Summer clothes in my closet that haven't been touched this year. I have gotten rid of so much but there is more.  Apparently gaining a little weight goes straight into my hips or belly (ummm...I would like some more meat on my legs please)...which means most of my bottoms, skirts or pants, are tight or no longer can be zipped.  I'm cool about gaining weight but can it be muscle please?! Apparently I have to work out for that....and I so have a love/hate relationship with my gym (and I'm down to one gym membership, about wasting $).

On a happy's FRIDAAAAY!  
Yes, you can start singing Rebecca Black "Friday" song.  ;-)

Imagine the possibilities


Dress: Target
Cardi: J.Crew
Shoes: Bitten SJP
Belt: came with a skirt
Necklace: H&M
Ring: F21

When I saw this dress at Target I had to try it on...and take it home with me.  Love the color, love the style. And you know how I feel about pockets.... So this dress just got some extra points. And it can be worn year around. That's my kinda dress.  Fall/winter - add some boots (and tights), a cardi or blazer...and ta-da.  
Ah, the possibilities! 

Fall outfit in Summer?

Blazer: Lauren Conrad @Kohls
Top: Marshalls
Jeans & Belt: Gap
Purse: Coach (gift)
Wedges - can't see them anyways
Necklace & Ring: F21

The fact that the weather is already changing (aka it's getting chilly outside) makes me appreciate Summer a little more, the little of what we have left of it (at least up here). 

My hubby is away on a business trip...until Thursday! You know what that means? Yea, three nights away from  him and I'm NOT liking it.  I don't know how people who have to travel a lot for work do it.  When I was single and had to travel for work I loved it, but being married and away from your spouse just isn't that fun. Thursday needs to hurry up and be here. 

Since Mr. is away,  my friend and I went out to dinner and "drinks" in our little downtown last evening (both of us had only one drink, I had a white wine peach sangria to be exact, and by 8 pm both of us were ready for bed...not much of a drinker...either one of us really). Sitting on the patio of a restaurant and watching people is great, always loved people watching. If it was a paid job I would be rich by  now. 

I'm blabbering away here...waaay pass my bed time.  I'm out! 


Maxi skirt

Shirt: Tahari
Skirt: Max Studios
Flats: Gift from overseas
Flower pins: J.Crew
Necklace: The Limited
Ring: H&M

Friday is finally here!  Finally!

Tomorrow I'm planning to work on my "girly room". I decided to paint it, at least a wall or two, with a lighter color. I love the gray walls right now but I feel it needs a touch of...maybe pale pink? Peach?  As of right now I certainly do not know what color will be coming home with me today after I hit Home Depot after work.  I've "pinned" some ideas/inspirations but I think I get overwhelmed and can't decide (I recently decided on jump on the Pinterest wagon...still figuring the thing out). Uuuhh, decision!

Any ideas are welcomed, seriously :)

Have a fabulous hot weekend!

What's a girl to do

Blouse: TjMaxx
Pants: NY&Co.
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: JcPenny
Belt: Gap

I've decided to give it a try and avoid stores this month, sort off. It won't be easy but there is something that I'm hoping will make it a little easier.
End of this month we're going to Chicago for the weekend. And there is store I NEED to make a stop at. Zara! 
I've told my H last night that any time I'm tempted to buy something he needs to remind me that I could probably find something way better at Zara and therefore save the $ for that special occasion (except he is not with my during my lunch hour when lots of retail damage is done).  Maybe I should put sticky notes in my wallet with "Zara" on it. There is an idea!

Hope you're having a great Thursday!


I heart pink

Shirt: Express
Skirt: J.Crew
Wedges: Lucky Brand
Necklace: F21

Love me a skirt with pockets.  I can put my keys, my cell phone, my wallet, my lip butter.  Speaking of lip butter (and no, I don't really put all of the mentioned items in my pocket even though they would all fit...but keys and cell phone have been in these pockets before). 

Anyway, back to the lip butter...have you ever tried Korres lip butter? AWESOME stuff ladies, seriously! 
I bought mine at Sephora a while back in Jasmine. It's a very "sheer neutral pink". I LOVE the color is gives my lips, very natural light tint of pink (I'm a nude-lip-type-of-girl).  The balm is very hydrating and it smells great. I would definitely recommend it. It actually comes in seven different "flavors" so there is something for everyone :)

Just had to tell you briefly about this fantastic product :)


Navy Midi Skirt

 Top: Express
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Marshalls

Friday's outfit:

Jeans: AE
Shirt: Marshalls
Flats: J.Crew
Belt: Gap
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Hello lovies! Hope all of you had a great weekend.  I thought I'd post two OOTD since I didn't get to post Friday's outfit before.

I'm glad midi skirts are coming back in style.  They remind me of the '50s when women looked so classy, lady-like and beautiful....with their tiny waistlines. :)

Hope your week is off to a great start!
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