Pink blazer

Blazer: Charlotte Russe (similar at F21 and here

Top: F21 (similar and here too)

Skirt: Traget (love the fit of this skirt) (similar) (and here)

Shoes: Sole Society (similar) (similar here for $20)
Polka dot tights: Target (similar here)

Bag: Cynthia Rowley via Marshalls (nice option
Bracelet: J.Crew (similar and here)
Watch: MK (buy here) (similar option for less)

This is probably the type of attire I should be wearing to the office more often. But I do like that the dress code is not as strict as one of my previous jobs. Having flexibility makes dressing in the morning, especially on days I lack inspiration, a lot easier.

Do you have to dress up for work? 


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  1. 1.10.12
    TheTinyHeart said:

    This is a great work outfit! I like that you paired it with the pink blazer so it's not too business like.My office is very casual and I can pretty much wear whatever I want, including jeans. Sometimes I wish there was a dress code since I have co-workers that wear some inappropriate things (like tube tops in the summer). Ack!-Sharon

  2. 1.10.12
    Ugly Duckling said:

    Currently I'm not working, apart from on my blog and wedding planning. So my outfit for work is sweatpants and a big hoodie. Very very look so serious dressed like that, I'm used to seeing you in jeans and pants now. It looks good though. I like your blazer and bag especially!Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xI WAS AN UGLY DUCKLING BLOG!

  3. 1.10.12
    Anonymous said:

    Fabulous ensemble! You've just reminded me how much I need a red blazer in my closet. – Catalina

  4. 1.10.12
    Kelly said:

    I LOVE that blazer! it looks polished but not stuffy at all.

  5. 1.10.12
    Schnelle said:

    LOVE this look. Those tights are so pretty and I love the detailing on the top. I work from home for most of the week so it's usually yoga pants but I wish I could get dressed up everyday.

  6. 1.10.12
    My Dressy Ways said:

    Love this! I can't believe the blazer is from Charlotte Russe! My office is business casual so I get to be pretty creative and 'casual' with my looks.

  7. 1.10.12
    Lindsay K {lastyearoftwentysomething} said:

    We have a "uniform" of black suits…either pants or skirt and jacket…everyday! I would LOVE to have more flexibility in my work attire! I would totally wear a pink blazer!

  8. 1.10.12
    Sarah S. said:

    I used to dress up more for work but as a solitary cubicle rat I don't make the effort most days… I used to have a raspberry blazer just like this and lovvved it! I love how you paired it with purple pumps <3

  9. 1.10.12
    Rissy said:

    because of the department I work in, I have close to no dress code. Ok well I can't wear Uggs and sweats ; )I love the professional look. Makes me want to go buy a fun blazer to pair with denim, but I'm trying to stop shopping dang!CarissaExplainsItAll

  10. 1.10.12
    Kelly said:

    I love this outfit! You look great – the pink is such a gorgeous colour on you.I also love relaxed dress codes. It makes dressing for work much easier, I agree 🙂

  11. 1.10.12
    Mrs C ♥ said:

    This is a great work outfit! I get the most dressed up out of anyone in my office. I could probably wear jeans every day if I wanted but I like to dress up a little bit. Work gives me an excuse to wear dressier outfits than I would on the weekend.Love that pink blazer. I've been searching for just the right one myself.

  12. 1.10.12
    msnew007 said:

    No, we have no dress code…I could probably work in my PJ's and it would be okay (not that I would). Sometimes I dress up and other days I dress down!

  13. 1.10.12
    Beautygirl24 said:

    That is such a pretty shade of pink! You look very polished in this look. I wish I could wear something similar to my job!

  14. 1.10.12
    ...Yvonne said:

    love your style! found yah through pinterest & clicked on your blog. i love it! you've got a new follower here

  15. 1.10.12
    Nikki said:

    Love that pink blazer, i need to invest in more pieces like those! No i don't have to dress up for work, i get to wear scrubs all 12 hours long.

  16. 1.10.12
    Lisa said:

    Beautiful blazer!I don't have to dress up for work but I like to. 🙂

  17. 1.10.12
    Fabulously Thrifty said:

    I love this look..especially the adorable tights!I'm lucky that I don't have to dress up for work and as a teacher who has to take my kids to lunch and recess, I frequently don't

  18. 1.11.12
    Elisabeth said:

    Yes, I have to dress up for the office. Some days its fun and a chance to conjure up outfits I might not wear otherwise. Other days? Struggle. Your inspiration helps, though! 🙂

  19. 1.11.12
    Court Collects said:

    Very cute work outfit! This is probably the way I should be dressing for work too….but I'm just so lazy sometimes!

  20. 1.11.12
    Lily said:

    Awesome ensemble! My office is casual but I like it to be more business. One loud mouth woman who works for me comes to work in sweats. For her to show up to work in a matching bright pink sweat shirt and pants with metallic shoes with heels AND white socks, that's dressed up for her. Sweats as in fruit of the loom kind. Yup, fancy! I wear skirts and try to look professional in hope to inspire her a bit. Nope can't penetrate her sense for high fashion. Lol…sigh….but I don't want to change the dress code when the rest of the staff are doing just fine. There's one in every office, eh!? Oy!

  21. 1.11.12
    Angela Bennett said:

    I love everything about this outfit! You are just too cute! Very snazzy!

  22. 1.11.12
    Perpetuity said:

    The skirt does look great. I think I tried that one on and chose not to get it. Now Im rethinking that decision. Oh well, my life story!

  23. 1.11.12
    Jenn said:

    We don't have a dress code at work, other than the 'don't dress like a slob' code, lol. But even though there's no dress code, it makes it easier to dress up if I wanted to. I'm loving the structured pink jacket over your very professional look.

  24. 1.11.12
    Audrey @ Putting Me Together said:

    So cute!! I don't have to dress up for work AT ALL. In fact, people think it's weird if you wear a skirt or a dress. That's why I started a blog haha.

  25. 1.11.12
    lady di said:

    hi there i have to dress up for work….i dont even own a pair of jeans thats how much i have to work….love the blazer and tights need these!

  26. 1.11.12
    Megan Star said:

    This really helps me get my work attire together as well. Like you, I'd love to wear jeans to work everyday but can't as much. Love your style and really appreciate you taking the time out to share your expertise!

  27. 1.12.12
    mary jane said:

    I teach fifth grade in the most casual, laid back beach town ever… St. Augustine, FL. Not uncommon to see people in Target in a bikini, no cover up, no flip flops…As long as my butt isn't hanging out and the cleavage isn't showing, I can wear whatever I want. However, my students are important enough to me that I want to look my best for THEM!!

  28. 1.17.12
    Love Cardelia said:

    LOVE the pink blazer…just bought mine today at F21..Can't wait to throw an outfit together ;)