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Soft Wavy Hair Tutorial

Soft, sexy wavy hair? Sign me up! 

I have received so many hair tutorial requests and at some point I might have mentioned that I'm a little camera shy. Yea, I know, me camera shy, yea right!  It's true my friends, it's true. I don't even like my picture taken, unless it's with my own camera...because it has that little magic button called "delete" and I have the FULL control of it. 

I didn't want to leave you all hanging because of this little issue cameras and I have.  So I searched and searched to find a lovely lady on youtube that might curl her hair in a similar way I do but most importantly with the same results (yes, there are waaay too many youtube videos on how to create soft waves).  I've been frying my hair for years and years but curling it the way I do for about 6 yrs now (my hair is naturally curly/wavy but the not the pretty kind of curly/wavy in my personal opinion.  Picky much?!)

Ok, so here is the video I found and I picked this one because the results are pretty much the same as mine. It doesn't look like you tried hard. 
I don't divide/put my hair up when curl it, because for me, personally, it's faster just to take pieces and curl them all around as I go, starting with the front. But it might be easier just to do it the way she does.

You'll figure out which technique works best for you, so don't give up if it doesn't turn out the way you want it look the first time.  Keep trying until you get the desired results. 


*In case you didn't notice or read my blah, blah's above,  this is not me in the video*


  1. Ugh that's not fair, she already had nice, voluminous hair..... :(

  2. thanks for this link! she does it almost exactly how i do mine, but i picked up a few tips along the way!

  3. Great tutorial! I've never tried Dove's heat protection spray, I'll have to check it out

  4. Excellent tutorial. My hair doesn't stay in curl, but yours look super pretty.

  5. Awww I was so hoping to see you "live"! Thank you for the link because I've always wanted your wavy hair :)

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. I too have some natural curl but its the kind you have to work with. Ive tried this before but this explains it much better.

  7. Great tutorial! Thanks for posting.


  8. Great link! Any styling product recommendations? I curl my hair the same way but it never stays.

  9. Love this! So cute and easy. Can't wait to try it.

  10. thanks for sharing this!!
    i usually use hot rollers, but i did this and it turned out awesome!
    love your blog!

  11. i found your blog a few weeks back and have thought often how awesome your hair looks! thanks so much for this! i tried the tutorial this morning and LOVE the results. it was quick and painless.
    much appreciated!

  12. Thanks for posting this video. I have tried to curl my hair numerous ways, even had my stylist do it. And it always falls out within hours. And I can never get the right results.

    I tried this. It took me about 30 minutes. But it looked fabulous AND it stayed ALL day! I didn't even have hair spray! :)

  13. this is a great tutorial! thanks for sharing! i'm going out with the ladies tonight and going to try this!


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