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What I've been reading - Feb 2012

Hello lovelies! Don't you all just LOVE Fridays?!? So happy it's here.

Today's post is going to be a regular feature. Check out the lovely ladies, that will be bringing you this feature each month, below.

Question of the month: What's your most sentimental jewelry item - share the story behind it:

The first thing that came to my mind as soon as I read this question was - My wedding ring!  It just means SO much to me, and each time I look at it - it reminds me how fortunate I am.
You see, I never really had a huge desire to get married. You're probably wondering why?!  I had standards and those were high. I never knew a single guy that met those standards or had the qualities I was looking for. And I didn't want to settle. I would have rather stayed single my whole life than spent a life of misery with the wrong person. And then I met Mr. D.  I was wondering if he was for real. Yep, he is real! Proposed 3/7/09, we got married 9/19 that same year. He treats me like I'm the best thing walking on this earth, he's super caring and kind, always puts others first AND puts up with me (we all know women's aren't always easy to deal with), 2.5 years later still cooks the most AMAZING dishes, ooh and he does the dishes too. Just to mention a few things. I could go on.and.on.and.on. So that's why the ring below had the most sentimental value to me (and what makes it even more special - he picked it out all by himself, and I couldn't love it more).

(old pic from my phone. My cuticles are a mess today so 
you get this picture)


Hope you all enjoyed this new monthly feature!

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  1. We are lucky indeed! That ring is gorgeous Lilly! I don't think I've ever seen it before. It is stunning!

  2. Thank you Noelle!
    Now I'm a believer that there is someone out there for everyone, it's just a matter of time :)

  3. Love the ring - so elegant and sparkly! Mr. D sounds amazing - especially love that he cooks for you and treats you like you're the best thing :-) What a prince!

  4. We have the same rings!!! I feel the same about mine too :o)

  5. What a cute little story behind your ring, Lilly! Sounds like you have an amazing hubby...cooks AND cleans! Your ring reminds me of mine, we have very similar settings. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Love your ring! Sounds like you have a wonderful husband, what a huge blessing!!

  7. I have a platinum tanzanite ring that my parents gave me when I graduated high school in 2001. I wear it everyday. It is by far the most sentimental piece of jewelry I have.

  8. My mom's charm bracelet from her high school and college days is by far my most sentimental piece of jewelry. Her Beta Club charm, state of Kentucky ( her home state), state of North Carolina ( my dad's home state), engagement ring charm... I could go on and on. I tried to start my own Tiffany charm bracelet a few years ago, but Tiffany just cannot hold a candle to mom's bracelet.

  9. Gorgeous ring Lady! I'm so glad you posted about it. Men that can cook are amazing finds, we're lucky girls! ;)

  10. Your rings are gorgeous! I agree with Skylette, it is quite hard to find a guy who cooks, and enjoys it. We are very lucky!

  11. Your wedding rings are beautiful! I have two sentimental pieces of jewelry. Both were gifts from Husband. A Tiffany silver bead bracelet he gave me a few years ago for Christmas and the anniversary ring he surprised me with when we renewed our wedding vows in St Thomas VI.

  12. your rings are beautiful! such a cute nail color too :-)

  13. Anonymous3/26/2012

    i wish we could put a face to mr. d


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