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  1. 4.28.12
    Beautygirl24 said:

    Even dressed casually, you still look polished and great! Happy Friday, Lilly 🙂

  2. 4.28.12
    Tinacious Me said:

    love the way you layer! those shoes are divine! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. 4.28.12
    Monica's Notebook said:

    love this look! Looks so comfy!

  4. 4.28.12
    24andNeverBeenKissed said:

    Gorgeous look Lilly!!! So simple, yet chic!! Love it:))) Happy Weekend!

  5. 4.28.12
    Callandra said:

    I love your accessories and what a classic mix for your color combination, fabulous!

  6. 4.28.12
    Franny said:

    I don't know how you do it, but you make it look so easy. I love everything about this outfit – I just can't seem to do the sweater of the button up that well. Love the bathroom pics 🙂

  7. 4.28.12
    p.V.e said:

    I'm absolutely loving this outfit! I would have never thought to layer that button down with that sweater but I definitely want to try it out now! SO cute!

  8. 4.28.12
    DaintyandDecadent said:

    Simple but classic…love!

  9. 4.28.12
    Anonymous said:

    I really like that look 🙂

  10. 4.28.12
    Schnelle said:

    simple, classic, and perfectly polished. I've been looking for a necklac like that, it looks so pretty with this outfit.

  11. 4.28.12
    Anonymous said:

    You manage to make the simplest pieces look outstanding together! I really love this outfit.

  12. 4.28.12
    Natasha Fatah said:

    Great necklace Lilly.And saw you featured on GCOGH! Congratulations!xoxo~Natasha Fatah~~Natasha Fatah~

  13. 4.28.12
    LEANNE DEE said:

    Love this classic look! I love a v-neck over a collared shirt and over a chambray is even better! I love your necklace and those Tory Burch flats too! Well Styled as always!

  14. 4.28.12
    Anonymous said:

    I love this outfit! It's so classy! ( :

  15. 4.28.12
    Angela said:

    I love, love, love this outfit! This is my kind of style for sure. I feel silly but I had one of those "ah ha!" moments when I saw your outfit. Why? Because I have been wondering how to wear a sweater + button up and be able to show a necklace. Using a v-neck allows for much more space. Good thinking! Happy Weekend!!

  16. 4.29.12
    Jess said:

    Love this whole look, but think my favorite thing is the necklace. So chic.

  17. 4.29.12
    Perpetuity said:

    This looks great! Love the color of that chambray with the grey. I want to find that necklace like your wearing too:)~Heather

  18. 4.29.12
    CAC muffin said:

    I look this look!

  19. 4.29.12
    Anonymous said:

    I am in LOVE with your blog. I love seeing your outfits and then re-creating them with my own wardrobe 🙂

  20. 4.29.12
    Shelby Tracy said:

    I want that necklace so BAD! Is it still available if so who was the vendor!? :)

    • 4.30.12
      Lilly said:

      Finally found the vendor…it's Derng 🙂

    • 5.1.12
      Shelby Tracy said:

      thanks so much for sharing

    • 9.19.12
      Anonymous said:

      Great look! Love the shoes! One suggestion… setup your links so that when someone clicks on it, a new window opens. It's a pain having to go back and forth. Keep up the great posts!

  21. 4.30.12
    Kaylin Berube said:

    Hey Shelby! I went on an Etsy hunt for a necklace like this the other day and found some really reasonable and beautiful options at Cadence Evangeline! She even sized a bracelet for me and has been super responsive and sweet.

  22. 4.30.12
    Anonymous said:

    I absolutely love your necklace. Would you mind telling me who the etsy seller was?

    • 4.30.12
      Lilly said:

      Hi, the seller is Derng 🙂

    • 4.30.12
      Anonymous said:

      Thanks so much! I've already bought a duplicate!

  23. 4.30.12
    still being [molly] said:

    oh i LOVE this look! now you have me clamoring even more for a chambray shirt.

  24. 4.30.12
    Mrs C ♥ said:

    Love this use of your chambray shirt! I just got one & I really like this look! :o)

  25. 4.30.12
    fashionfixation said:

    Hey Lilly, this outfit is perfect! I love it! I finally got my J Crew Chambray shirt from my hubby for my bday.

  26. 4.30.12
    Anonymous said:

    I have the same Tory Burch iPhone case; I love it!

  27. 5.1.12
    Life's a shoe said:

    love it!

  28. 5.2.12
    Loveleigh Me.... said:

    I saw this on Pinterest and LOVE it!! So classic and cute. I will def be doing something like this 🙂

  29. 5.2.12
    KS said:

    I LOVE your style Lily, and how willing you are to share where you got everything! It's awesome! Where did you get your watch/bracelet? Is it all one piece? THANKS!

    • 8.15.12
      Lilly said:

      Thank you 🙂 The watch is Michael Kors and bracelet is by Fossil 🙂

  30. 8.15.12
    Melanie Strout said:

    Hi, This is a great look. Is the Chambray shirt a true chambray blue or is it more gray? Is the sweater ivory and are the skinny's black? Thanks.

    • 8.15.12
      Lilly said:

      Hi, it's more of a chambray blue. The color in the pictures above is pretty true. The sweater is a light gray and the skinny pants are indigo (that's what AE calls the color). 🙂

  31. 8.15.12
    Melanie Strout said:

    Hi, This is a great look. Is the Chambray shirt a true chambray blue or is it more gray? Is the sweater ivory and are the skinny's black? Thanks.

  32. 2.3.13
    Anonymous said:

    Is the necklace gold or silver?

    • 2.3.13
      Lilly said:

      It's gold.

    • 2.3.13
      Anonymous said:

      Perfect! I love your outfit and just ordered the necklace!! Thx for sharing!!!

  33. 2.4.13
    Anonymous said:

    great kariotakis

  34. 2.26.13
    antonis said:

    very nice kariotakis

  35. 9.12.13
    Rochelle Edvalson said:

    Really like this and I used it as the inspiration for my blog. I do direct people to you. You can find it here:

  36. 9.20.13
    Anonymous said:

    How funny. I've seen this picture on Pinterest about a million times. You are famous girl! Lol. Love your blog~

  37. 10.25.13
    Breelynn said:

    My favorite look!