Amazing Tar-jay finds

Hello lovelies!
Hope all of you had a fabulous weekend! We had a great time in Chicago, despite all day rain on Sunday (perfect day for shopping, no?! 😉  I find a few cute things which I’ll share either in my ootd or some other way.
I think this is the only fitting room picture I took.

 Love these light colored jeans and the sweater, both from Zara. 

(the pockets had studs around them)

Now onto Tarjay.  I stopped to pick up the new L’oreal lip stick (the color I wanted was sold out). But there is always something else there. I’m sure you all know this about Target already.  I was a good girl and picked up only two skirts (that’s probably because I just saw two more online that I’d like to add to my closet). The prices are great, that’s what what I love about Target. I can’t find the other pencil skirt I picked up online. It’s the same color as these pants – cherry peony.
Here are some fab finds for less.

1. Pleated Maxi skirt – my local store didn’t have it but I saw it online and LOVE this skirt! . Comes in 4 colors. Add a plain tee and a denim jacket and you’re good to go (I’m thinking Fall style already)

2. Polka dot pleated skirt – also comes in pink and black.

3. Leopard print skirt – comes in quite a few colors.

4. Pleated skirt in black- comes in 3 more colors (one of them is a floral print I think). The waist trim is faux leather. Cute!

5. Soft scoop neck sweater (great alternative to J.Crew tippi sweater) – comes in ton of colors.

6. Boyfriend Cardigan – comes in ton of colors. Great to wear with leggings too.

7. Color-block Cardigan – love the Fall colors. Nice and long, which makes it also a great sweater to cover your tush while you wear the comfy leggings this Fall.

8. Jersey Dress – Orange flame color would transition nicely into Fall. With boots and jean jacket perhaps (everything is going to be with boots and denim jacket, isn’t it?!).

So how can you not love Target!?! Impossible. I find their clothing to be pretty good quality. I haven’t had issue with anything I’ve bought there so far and I own quite a bit from Tarjay!

Have you found anything at Target lately? 

 Do share in the comments below. 


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  1. 8.28.12
    Gracey at Fashion for Giants said:

    Great Target picks (and I love the Zara pieces too). I have some of their soft scoop neck sweaters from last year and want to get a couple more; they're great. Love the striped dress too; in orange, it's perfect for all.

  2. 8.28.12
    ale norris said:

    oh, i really love that color block cardigan! i need to start stocking up on pieces to wear with my leggings.-ale

  3. 8.28.12
    Jess {The In-Between} said:

    I recently found a striped dress I love. I plan to wear it with sweaters belted over it as a skirt and with a denim jacket, scarf, and boots for fall.I love the color blocked cardi!Oh, and I just ordered two great pairs of Steve Madden look-a-like boots for fall.

  4. 8.28.12
    Alissa said:

    Is your hair lighter? I LOVE IT!

    • 8.28.12
      Lilly said:

      Thank you :). I got it done last week, some highlights and lowlights. It probably is a bit lighter.

  5. 8.28.12
    Something Classy said:

    Love the sweater you have on from Zara. Looks great with your accessories.

  6. 8.28.12
    Beauty Style Growth said:

    Ahh Target. I'm loving all the skirts. I need to be a good girl and just make sure I don't stop by there any time soon.

  7. 8.28.12
    Unknown said:

    Love the maxi skirt and the tippi insired sweater…may have to check those out…

  8. 8.28.12
    Jamey and Jack's Mommy said:

    Love the shoes! Where are they from?

    • 8.28.12
      Lilly said:

      Gift from overseas

  9. 8.28.12
    Always Jen June said:

    Love the maxi and the tippi insired sweater…may have to check those out…

  10. 8.28.12
    ClassyPam said:

    I know Tar-Jay is awesome! You are too of course. xoSmile On:)…Classy Pam

  11. 8.28.12
    Dayi said:

    Lilly, I just purchased the leopard print pencil skirt and it fits amazing. I actually lowered the hem @ home to give it a little vintage vibe and loved how it turned out ;-)Dayi

  12. 8.28.12
    Shannon Rice said:

    I love the first pleated skirt…I just might have to get that. And I am totally with you on the whole Fall thing. Can. Not. Wait!

  13. 8.28.12
    Jayme said:

    Everything DOES go with boots and a denim jacket!! =) Now if target would just start selling real leather riding boots for under the usual $400 price tag….

  14. 8.28.12
    Kristen Schindele said:

    I just got 3 cardigans and a really cute leopard tank !! 🙂

  15. 8.28.12
    Anonymous said:

    That pleated maxi is adorable!! I'll have to go see if I can scout that out. Thanks for the tip. 🙂 xo,

  16. 8.28.12
    Kacie said:

    I love the zara finds! And target is the best!

  17. 8.28.12
    Anonymous said:

    We don't have a target yet here in Canada, but it is coming and I can't wait. I love all the great pieces you found. Glad you enjoyed Chicago.Agi:)

  18. 8.28.12
    Faith said:

    I love Target!

  19. 8.28.12
    Michelle said:

    Love the leopard print skirt! Already have that one on the list. I like how you gave a suggestion for how to wear the first skirt!

  20. 8.29.12
    Angela said:

    oooo all good finds! I might have to pick a few of those up. I have been happy with Tarjay finds too (my family has called it that for years too haha) — can't beat the prices! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. 8.29.12
    Anonymous said:

    You look so incredible in the Zara outfit! I'm also LOVING your Target picks, they're all fantastic!

  22. 8.29.12
    Maria@Cardigan_Crew said:

    Thanks for posting this! Odd but I never thought to look at Target's skirts! I usually check out their dresses and tops but all of those skirts are adorable!

  23. 8.29.12
    Victoria Cadenhead said:

    I got the floral mix version of the black skirt with the leather band, I love it – I sort of want to match it with a black and white striped shirt…

  24. 8.29.12
    24andNeverBeenKissed said:

    Lilly you look beautiful! Love your Tar-jay finds;)!

  25. 8.29.12
    Alexandra Doerge said:

    I am from Chicago, wasn't the weather just awful? I was at a zoo brew and got soaked even in combat boots and a rain coat. Can't wait to see what you got…where did you go shopping?Bold as Fashion

    • 8.29.12
      Lilly said:

      Sunday was a yucky day. We started walking towards the Zoo in the morning and decided to skip the Zoo, which I'm glad we did. I went to Zara, H&M, J.Crew and Bloomingsdale. Didn't do a ton of shopping (tried to be good 😉

  26. 8.29.12
    Elsha Bodily said:

    I love the accessories at Target! The one closest to me is like 15 miles away so we don't go too often, but when I do my bank account gets hit in the face with a baseball bat.

  27. 8.29.12
    Monica Gava said:

    I wanted to buy the pleated long skirt a while back when I posted this at my blog, but unfortunately it was sold out. I didn't know it was available again so thanks for sharing, this is a wonderful post and yes, I love Target as well!Monica from Fashion Koketi

  28. 8.29.12
    Chioma said:

    I went in Target today and totally skipped the clothing section (Crazy right?) I will def have to make another trip there this weekend! Loving their skirts :)ChiomaC’s Evolution of Style

  29. 8.29.12
    Fash Boulevard said:

    I love your outfit. Your accessories are amazing. :)I would love for you to stop by my blog and check out my latest outfit post inspired by my favorite Pretty Little Liars character.

  30. 8.29.12
    Yuri said:

    Those are some cutebselections, i love them all especially the maxi pleated skirt ;)YURI

  31. 8.29.12
    Nickie said:

    I liked the jersey dress most of all. It's probably very comfy too! Nickie

  32. 8.29.12
    Karla said:

    love your outfit and jewelry!!

  33. 8.29.12
    Andrea said:

    I notice you wear that gold link necklace a lot. Ive been looking for one. Care to share where you got it?Thanks

    • 8.29.12
      Lilly said:

      It's from Derng 🙂

  34. 8.30.12
    A J said:

    I really like that color block sweater! I also so an awesome fedora that Skylette bought. I'm thinking a Tar-jay run is in my future soon!!!

  35. 8.30.12
    Meg said:

    Hey! I just wanted to stop by and say I love reading your blog. I even went to Target on my lunch break after reading this 🙂 You are one of the few that made me want to start a blog too…Check it out at or follow me on Pinterest. Thanks!

  36. 8.30.12
    Angela said:

    I love the chunky gold necklace you are wearing! I could live in Target! I am starting a 30 for 30 challenge in Sept. so unfortunately, I'm not allowing myself to purchase anything! I might cheat! I would love for you to stop by my blog and check out my progress, I should also mention that I am about 7 months preggo so this really is going to be a challenge!

  37. 8.31.12
    Britt+Whit said:

    i love the french accent on the Tar-jay post! haha LOVE IT! they are really great for Maxi dress. The last thing I bought from them was Jason Wu for Target! LOVElove from San Francisco,Britt+Whit

  38. 8.31.12
    Ashley said:

    I LOVE Target. I swear I never leave that place without new goodies. It's so hard not to! I haven't been in in awhile (due to the above) and am totally making a trip there this weekend because of all the gorgeous pieces above!! xx

  39. 8.31.12
    Anonymous said:

    I love Target!! I love that pleated maxi! May need to do another Target order:)

  40. 9.3.12
    Melissa said:

    I <3 Target too…. My favorite find was online – found a kimono style maxi dress for $24 abour 2 years ago. Also got a pair of faux suede above the knee boots for about $12. Target is awesome. 🙂

  41. 9.3.12
    Olga said:

    I heart Tarjay as well! I finally found a chambray shirt in small! I had been looking for a while but, my store never seemed to keep them in stock. Anyway, I'll have to stop in soon and get some of those cute skirts and cardis for Fall. I totally agree about everything going with boots and a denim jacket =) I hope you have a good week!

  42. 9.4.12
    Kacee DreamBoat said:

    I have the same love for Target! Great finds.

  43. 9.6.12
    NewMrsM said:

    I literally cannot wait for Target to open here in Canada early next year. For now I run to border whenever I can and buy my guts out. That maxi skirt is it and yes, everything with a denim jacket and boots.

  44. 9.8.12
    LaughingAtMyself said:

    Love your finds! I was at Target last week and picked up the boyfriend cardigan in Teal. I had been reading about their colored cords in other blogs so, I went back yesterday hoping to find the colored cords (fit no. 6) in the blue, but none my size. I picked the green cords though, they really are more of a yellow. Not sure if I am going to keep them. But, for the price they are really comfy. I also picked up the leopard print slipper loafers.