my weekend

little relaxation…

little dancing…. (missed my calling, eh?  ;)~

…and some polka dots

…and “some” butterflies 

…and a bathroom picture

…and some candy…

...completed with some people watching

…weekend completed with a happy ending! 

Hope you had a great weekend as well!!! 


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  1. 9.10.12
    gl0ssy said:

    Love the shoes and polka dot cardi!

  2. 9.10.12
    Kristina said:

    Oh Kate Spade, now that's a happy shopping bag ;)KristinaKristina does the Internets

  3. 9.10.12
    Cece said:

    Love the ruffles, bow shoes(both) and Ofcourse the KS shopping bag! Love the brown/tan top too. Glad you are taking a break n relaxing!! Thanks for the great post:-)

  4. 9.10.12
    Anonymous said:

    The cardigan is soooo cute! Where is it from?

  5. 9.10.12
    still being [molly] said:

    you look so adorable! what did you get from KS?

  6. 9.10.12
    SaraStinn said:

    Great post! Looks like it was a fun time 😀

  7. 9.10.12
    Alissa said:

    Can't wait to see what you got from Kate Spade!

  8. 9.10.12
    ClassyPam said:

    Great pics; love both outfits!Smile On:)…Classy Pam

  9. 9.10.12
    Audrey said:

    Love your bathroom pic outfit!

  10. 9.10.12
    24andNeverBeenKissed said:

    Well deserved down time:)! Love the pics and outfits, Lilly!

  11. 9.10.12
    SIENA.STYLE said:

    you look absolutely stunning, the sweater is perfectkisses from Milan

  12. 9.10.12
    Heather said:

    I'm in awe of your polka dot cardi and leopard shoes, Lilly!A weekend ending with a Kate Spade shopping bag would be a happy weekend, indeed.I like how you made your blog post tell a story with pictures. Very cool!

  13. 9.10.12
    Heidi said:

    Cute pictures. Looks like the perfect weekend. -Heidi

  14. 9.10.12
    Natasha Fatah said:

    Looks like a fabulous weekend!I'm venturing into taking more pictures with my camera, and I've posted a few today. :)~Natasha Fatah~

  15. 9.10.12
    Kristen said:

    Love the polka dot cardi! Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  16. 9.10.12
    Schnelle said:

    Great outfits, the first is my favorite! Love those leopard bow flats too- where are they from??

  17. 9.10.12
    Megan Maddison said:

    Love the polka dot cardigan and nude flats – very cute! I want to know what you bought at Kate Spade?!?!Megan

  18. 9.10.12
    Anonymous said:

    Looks like you had a nice and relaxing weekend. Curious to know what is in the Kate Spade bag. Just bought myself a cute pair of nude flats with bows. I love them.Agi:)

  19. 9.10.12
    Gina said:

    Ooh, I love that cardi! You look gorgeous as always! Thanks for sharing your weekend highlights, and I have to ask… what is in the Kate Spade bag?XO, Gina

  20. 9.10.12
    Basically B said:

    You cannot post that adorable cardi and not say where you got it! TORTURE!

    • 9.11.12
      Brad and Vanessa Dirheimer said:

      It's from the Limited!

    • 9.11.12
      Lilly said:

      Vanessa is on it 😉 Thank you!

  21. 9.10.12
    Tashia said:

    Looks like a great weekend. Love that polka dot cardigan. Where is it from?

    • 11.7.12
      Lilly said:

      It's from the Limited.

  22. 9.10.12
    Beautygirl24 said:

    Cute pictures! You look very happy 🙂 I love the his and hers shoe pic the most!

  23. 9.10.12
    Emily said:

    Looks like a fun weekend. A Kate Spade purchase is always worth celebrating!

  24. 9.10.12
    Skylette from Sequins&Stilettos said:

    That cardigan is absolutely perfect. I LOVE your hair that light, Lilly – you are just goregous!

    • 9.11.12
      Lilly said:

      oh Sky, you're too kind and sweet. Thank you so much 🙂

  25. 9.10.12
    Perpetuity said:

    Haha fun post! Swanky place to relax and Lovin that mirror pic;)

  26. 9.11.12
    Brad and Vanessa Dirheimer said:

    Here is the link to the c,default,pd.html?dwvar_5503098_colorCode=325&start=18&ppid=c18&cgid=sale-sweatersardigan!

  27. 9.11.12
    PSbyDila said:

    Nice pictures! Love the dotted cardigan.

  28. 9.11.12
    Brooke said:

    Cute outfits!=)Brooke

  29. 9.11.12
    Lilly said:

    The cardigan is from The Limited (thank you Vanessa for the link 🙂

  30. 9.11.12
    Anonymous said:

    Looks like a perfect weekend! You always look incredible

  31. 9.12.12
    Anonymous said:

    Where are the shoes from? Live both outfits!

    • 11.7.12
      Lilly said:

      The shoes are from Nordstroms, by Me Too.

  32. 9.13.12
    TheSavvyKitchen said:

    Love your blog! Thank you for all your style inspiration!!