outfits through the iPhone camera lens

It’s dark by the time I get home. Therefore the lack of outfit posts. Maybe taking pictures in the dark

will be the solution. Fancy, I know! 

But the good ol’ iPhone camera still manages to capture an outfit or two…or five.

                Found this amazing dress at Anthro.           Weekend  look (sweater from Target, recent) 

                   BR sweater (got it for half off)

(all oldies) 

 Target Sweater, Pants: Loft (old)

Happy Hump Day! 

Thanks for stopping by! 


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  1. 11.14.12
    gl0ssy said:

    That dress is lovely! Love the BR sweater also :)I am missing sun-light in my life, when I leave the house it is dark, when I come home it is dark! grrgl0ssi.blogspot.ca

  2. 11.14.12
    Ella Pretty Blog said:

    Gorgeous outfits – love the Grey sweater – it looks so cozy. Your Anthro dress was a major score – it's so beautiful!

  3. 11.14.12
    Shannon Rice said:

    I love that sweater from Target. They are all great looks!Shannonbigdreamsandexpensivetaste.blogspot.com

  4. 11.14.12
    Anonymous said:

    Great outfits. Love all the sweaters and how you belted them.Agi:)vodkainfusedlemonade.wordpress.com

  5. 11.14.12
    Kathryn Z said:

    I can't believe that sweater is from Target! They are really stepping up their game in the clothes department lately!It's too dark at night and too dark in the morning when I wake up…struggs!Kathrynsprinklesnpearls.blogspot.com

  6. 11.14.12
    Alexandra A. said:

    Love them all! Love the belts. ;)Alexandra A.,The Glitter Side

  7. 11.14.12
    Kacie said:

    Keep on with the iPhone photos! As long as we get to see your wonderful outfits :)www.daisyraeboutique.comwww.kacieskloset.blogspot.com

  8. 11.14.12
    Alissa said:

    As long as we get to see your great outfits, I don't care what camera they are taken on! Super cute Lily!

  9. 11.15.12
    fshnonmymind said:

    Such a cute dress you scored at Anthro!This getting dark early thing sucks. Although I've been slacking at outfit posts in general, I try to do it early in the morning. Doesn't always work, lol.

  10. 11.15.12
    Anonymous said:

    I wish I had your closet. You always have the cutest stuff!

  11. 11.15.12
    Beautygirl24 said:

    The lighting is DEFINITELY a problem for everyone lately! It's really hard to take good pictures. I love these though! That Anthro dress looks amazing on you my dear 🙂

  12. 11.15.12
    Beautygirl24 said:

    P.S. – where is that wide belt from? Love it!

    • 11.15.12
      Lilly said:

      It's from J. Crew. I think I got it last winter but I did see one similar to it not too long ago.

  13. 11.15.12
    Ragan said:

    it looks like target has some great sweaters right now! i need to go!

  14. 11.15.12
    Anonymous said:

    What brand is that Target sweater? Mossimo? Very cute!

    • 11.15.12
      Lilly said:

      It is mossimo 🙂

    • 11.16.12
      Michelle said:

      Hi Lilly,Can you please tell me if you got that sweater at Target in-store or online? I went looking today and no one in the ladies section of my Target had seen it. : (

    • 11.16.12
      Lilly said:

      I bought it in store about 10 days ago. They seem to be pretty new in stock, at least at my local store.

    • 11.16.12
      Michelle said:

      Thank you so much Lilly. I will check another Target and see if I can find it. Really love the pattern. Love your style, by the way. : )

    • 11.17.12
      Michelle said:

      Lilly, I hate to be a PITA, but I've checked a few Targets now and no one recognizes the sweater. Is it "black label" Mossimo or Mossimo Supply Company? The lady at my target asked if you still had the tag with the DPC number on it and I said that was probably pushing it! : D

    • 11.18.12
      Lilly said:

      Michelle, the black/white cardigan is Xhilaration (the gray long one is Mossimo). My bad :0I still don't see it online. Glad I still have the tag though. The DPC # is: 9282031947 I checked my local target again and they only had one left, in this color, and it was XL :/

  15. 11.15.12
    Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said:

    I loooove that first dress!

  16. 11.15.12
    still being [molly] said:

    you look adorable, lilly!! i love that sweater!

  17. 11.15.12
    Phuong said:

    Loving your Target sweater! The pattern is so cute! :)http://classypeach.blogspot.com/

  18. 11.15.12
    Angie said:

    That black and white cardigan is too cute!

  19. 11.15.12
    Lily Marek said:

    I love all your cute cozy sweaters! And I hear ya, blogging is is lot more challenging in the winter!

  20. 11.15.12
    Christina Westbrooks said:

    I love the fall cozy sweaters! The BR sweater gives me an idea. I have a sweater fairly similar that I never really knew how to dress up! http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/cdwestbrooks

  21. 11.15.12
    CoastWithMe said:

    Lilly….GORGEOUS! All of these looks are fab:))!

  22. 11.15.12
    Sarah Mira Park said:

    I love the Anthropologie dress you scored on sale, I love finding great pieces for a portion of the price, hehe :)-SarahThe Weekend Diary

  23. 11.15.12
    Shelley said:

    love that target sweater.. hopefully i'll see that in my local stores soon!-shelleylittlemidwestramblings.blogspot.com

  24. 11.15.12
    Anonymous said:

    Back to your roots, I love your iphone fashion photos!

  25. 11.15.12
    rdelayo said:

    Hi I'm a new follower and love your blog! Could you kindly share the details of your thick, chain necklace from your photos above? Thanks!

    • 11.15.12
      Lilly said:

      Welcome :). The chain necklace is from Derng.com

  26. 11.15.12
    Lindsay Ann said:

    I have the same problem, it's pitch black by the time I get home! Love that dress from Anthro, awesome find!! If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest post. Xofashionable footprints

  27. 11.15.12
    JennFass said:

    Love the shoes you paired with the black white target sweater! Who makes them?!

    • 11.16.12
      Lilly said:

      Thanks :). The shoes are from Zara.

  28. 11.18.12
    Petite Adventures said:

    Love the anthro dress! The colours are stunning and the neckline is so unique.Kate xo petite-aventures.blogspot.ca