somehow hubby captures many odd ones…

Coat: MK old -not pictured (similar)
Sweater: H&M (similar hereherehere, herehere, here)

Shirt: Target (old) (other options 1, 2)

Leggings: American Apparel “Winter Leggings

Boots: Sam Edelman (old) (similar here– on sale, here, herehere, here, here

Scarf: H&M (old) (cute option)

Bag: Target (almost identical

Ring: F21 (old)

Weekends are reserved for comfy wear right?! Right! 
At least in most cases. 

Happy Tuesday! 


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  1. 1.22.13
    Jyoti said:

    Your outfit looks so cozy! Love that cardigan! <3

  2. 1.22.13
    pretty little things said:

    this is a great casual weekend look — so warm and cozy! xo

  3. 1.22.13
    Adrienne Scott-Trask said:

    Great outfit!! Super cozy looking! I am totally in love with that sweater!-Adrienne. xo

  4. 1.22.13
    Rachelle said:

    Love this casual look.xo

  5. 1.22.13
    Agnes Mayer said:

    I love comfy and casual. Adore the outfit and your husband takes good pictures.Agi:)

  6. 1.22.13
    Mercan said:

    love the sweater

  7. 1.22.13
    Sarah Mira Park said:

    I love this cozy & comfy look, especially your boots! I actually saw a black pair at Nordstrom Rack recently but too bad they didn't have my size :(-SarahThe Weekend Diary

  8. 1.22.13
    Kat said:

    Agree with all of the above – love the sweater, esp for the marled / multi color look! Goes with everything

  9. 1.22.13
    Leah said:

    The sweater looks so comfy! Cute boots too.

  10. 1.22.13
    Alissa said:

    You have the cutest and most comfortable looking casual outfits!

  11. 1.22.13
    marcella said:

    love this cozy cardigan

  12. 1.22.13
    Cait Val said:

    obsessed with that sweater!!! looks so cozy & worm in . . . . the perfect kind of sweater to have!hope you're staying warm.xo. c & vcake & valley

  13. 1.22.13
    Kate H said:

    Very cozy. Love!

  14. 1.22.13
    aka Bailey said:

    Love the cozy cardigan and the large stone ring!

  15. 1.22.13
    Anonymous said:

    Love this look! Looks perfect for Saturday errands!

  16. 1.22.13
    Jen ♥ said:

    That sweater looks soooooo comfy & warm! And I'm OBSESSED with your boots!

  17. 1.23.13
    Chelsea said:

    I love this bag!xoxo,Chelsea & The City

  18. 1.23.13
    Aphraell said:

    I find your style very close to mine! Sorry if i said before 🙂 i bought some boots like yours today and this look is a perfect inspiration for me 🙂 xoxo

  19. 1.23.13
    Bajan Beauty said:

    You look so comfy and casual! Love your boots.

  20. 1.23.13
    CoastWithMe said:

    Relaxed style and layering pro…this is amazing:)! Does it get better than this?! Comfort and style…my two favorite things in the world:)!

  21. 1.23.13
    Beautygirl24 said:

    I love the candid pictures! You look warm, cozy, and cute!

  22. 1.23.13
    Petite Adventures said:

    Great sweater coat – you look so comfy/cozy!Kate xo

  23. 1.24.13
    Gina said:

    Ooh!! I love it!! I can't believe you got that bag at Target. What a great find.These pics are gorgeous, Lilly!XO, Gina

  24. 1.24.13
    Carrie said:

    Super cute! Definitely something I would wear!Style in the City

  25. 1.24.13
    Anonymous said:

    Another option of the boots is at ModCloth called Right of Way boot!

  26. 1.24.13
    Anonymous said:
  27. 1.25.13
    the vintage wren said:

    I love those boots, I'm wondering how tall you are. I'm only 5'4" and I wonder if they would be too tall for me. Thanks,Carrie

    • 1.25.13
      Lilly said:

      I'm 5'6" 🙂

  28. 1.27.13
    Sofia Donatelli said:

    Great boots! Love the layered look.If you get a sec, please check out my latest post 'Gingham Peplum' I would love to read your feedback.Sofia

  29. 1.29.13
    smk053078 said:

    I love this comfy look…I want all of it. I am so happy you stopped by today. Loving your style and blog. Look forward to future posts.

  30. 2.16.13
    Melinda Fenstermaker said:

    I love this look. Is the shirt a tunic? Looking forward to more awesome ideas!

    • 2.17.13
      Lilly said:

      I would say no. Not long enough to be a tunic 🙂