$50 Gift Card giveaway… CLOSED

Today’s giveaway comes from one of my lovely sponsors, Mindy Mae’s Market. One of Lilly’s Style readers will win a $50 gift card to their site.
Mindy Mae’s carries affordable clothing, jewelry and even crafts. Some of my favorite pieces – the top I’m wearing (mine is size Small), Simple Studded tee and this Chevron Maxi among many other great pieces.

Everyone receives 10% off with code “XOXO” + free shipping on orders over $50.

Giveaway winner is:

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  1. 4.5.13
    Josh and Shyann Croke Family said:

    I like the black and white maxi dress.

  2. 4.5.13
    BrittKathleen said:

    Black and white striped shirts are so in but I am loving that brown and white striped one you have on!! I need it !! :):)

  3. 4.5.13
    Mandy said:

    I love the maxi skirts- both the solids and the chevron ones!!

  4. 4.5.13
    Taylor said:

    I love the Chevron shorts!

  5. 4.5.13
    Sarah Noid said:

    Love the Sheer Tank and the Striped Tee! Love me some Tee Shirts I can dress up!

  6. 4.5.13
    purdycarice said:

    Good morning, style maven! How fun is it that one of the highlights of my morning is checking your blog for the latest look..!? Please tell me that in your day job you are a stylist, because if your not, you certainly should be. If I am ever in a position to fund a personal stylist, guess whose door I will be knocking on..? 🙂 Happy Friday!

  7. 4.5.13
    Christina Chaney said:

    I love the crystal gem bracelet!

  8. 4.5.13
    Anonymous said:

    I love the Crystal Beautiful Mess Necklace!! It sure is beautiful.

  9. 4.5.13
    Anonymous said:

    I love the ruffle front tank — so pretty and perfect for summer!

  10. 4.5.13
    Christina Heflin said:

    I love your outfit! I'm obsessed with striped t-shirts right now. I went into Old Navy earlier this week and they have so many cute colors! I love yours, and it goes perfect with that jacket. http://simpleeasystyle.blogspot.com/

  11. 4.5.13
    Jaclyn B. said:

    Striped boat neck top is my fave!

  12. 4.5.13
    Alison Nieves said:

    The striped boat neck top is my fave too but the striped racer back tanks are cute. Great for layering.

  13. 4.5.13
    Anonymous said:

    Any of the maxi skirts and also your shirt. I'm obsessed with stripes!!

  14. 4.5.13
    curly said:

    Stripes stripes stripes…..love them. U look to cute.happy Friday:)

  15. 4.5.13
    emorris4 said:

    The embroidered lace sheer top. Or i'd swoop up all those maxi skirts

  16. 4.5.13
    The BuckMaster said:

    oooo love the solid sheer tanks!

  17. 4.5.13
    The BuckMaster said:

    Also, where is this jacket you are wearing from- I love it!

  18. 4.5.13
    Janice said:

    I love the chevron maxi!

  19. 4.5.13
    Adrienne Scott-Trask said:

    Great outfit and great giveaway!! I love that boutique!!-Adrienne. xohttp://sending-postcards-home.blogspot.com/http://sending-postcards-home.blogspot.com/

  20. 4.5.13
    Darcy said:

    Hard to pick just one thing that I like!! I love that black and white color blocked tee and the large link bracelet!Thanks!Darcy 🙂

  21. 4.5.13
    Liz C said:

    LOVE everything about this outfit!! http://sprinklessequins.blogspot.com/

  22. 4.5.13
    Plock said:

    i like the polka dot scarf

  23. 4.5.13
    Allison Shorr said:

    Maxi Skirts or Dresses!

  24. 4.5.13
    karel said:

    The chevron lace shirt

  25. 4.5.13
    Planned Style said:

    I love their necklaces!. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

  26. 4.5.13
    Marie-Eve said:

    Love the wannabe chevron pencil skirt !

  27. 4.5.13
    Jem said:

    I think the tie dye maxi skirt will be so cute for summer!!

  28. 4.5.13
    Shana said:

    Love the chevron maxi!shanahattis at gmail dot com

  29. 4.5.13
    Agnes Mayer said:

    Love your outfit. Fabulous.Agi:)vodkainfusedlemonade.com

  30. 4.5.13
    Kimberlee said:

    That black and white maxi is amazing! Would look awesome paired with a cropped denim jacket and some gold gladiator sandals & bracelets.

  31. 4.5.13
    Anonymous said:

    I love the embroidered sheer lace top. Thanks for another lovely giveaway!

  32. 4.5.13
    Goldylocks and the Barrows said:

    the black and white maxi dress! Looks so comfortable.

  33. 4.5.13
    The Moshells said:

    I love the bow back tank!

  34. 4.5.13
    Hayley Z said:

    I love the striped boat neck top!

  35. 4.5.13
    Andrea King said:

    I am in love with the pink chevron dress:)

  36. 4.5.13
    Amanda Bode said:

    the Bow Back Tank!

  37. 4.5.13
    McKenna Heasley said:

    I love the black and white maxi dress!!! So cute!

  38. 4.5.13
    Colby B. said:

    The Bow Back Tank!!

  39. 4.5.13
    Jill Pullen said:

    I love the floral lace skirt.

  40. 4.5.13
    Jessica Conners said:

    My favorite is the stripped boatneck top

  41. 4.5.13
    Nicole Marcum said:

    I absolutely adore the B+W Maxi Dress! Simple and classic and style it up with white wedges and I am ready for the beach!!!!

  42. 4.5.13
    blacksrain said:

    I love the solid maxi skirt

  43. 4.5.13
    Kristin said:

    The B&W maxi!!!

  44. 4.5.13
    Kaci said:

    I love the Lace Chevron Shorts!

  45. 4.5.13
    deldar said:

    love their watches very nice

  46. 4.6.13
    Rachel Frost said:

    I like the black and white maxi dress.

  47. 4.6.13
    Nikki Tyler said:

    It is not an easy decision, but I love the chevron sheer bow top! So cute! 🙂

  48. 4.6.13
    Jill said:

    I like the ruffle front tank. Thank you.

  49. 4.6.13
    Serena O'Brien said:

    My favourite piece from Mindy's Minute Market is the J. Crew Inspired Necklace in #13! 🙂

  50. 4.6.13
    CoastWithMe said:

    Love this casual look Lilly! The beige jacket with the striped blouse, chain necklace, and boyfriend jeans looks beautiful!

  51. 4.6.13
    Mary said:

    I love them all!!! BTW if is you in the photo next time show your fully face cuz in this photo you look shy and you don't need to be shy girl. ^_^

  52. 4.6.13
    Siluet said:

    I like the ruffle front tank 🙂 simple n cute!

  53. 4.6.13
    Jenna said:

    I'm loving the solid maxi skirt!

  54. 4.6.13
    Anonymous said:

    I like the printed jumpsuit!

  55. 4.6.13
    Norma said:

    I love the A Beautiful Mess necklace in aqua/goldnormarosemarie@yahoo.com

  56. 4.6.13
    Andrea said:

    I loved the Pink Chevron dress. I could see me wearing this a lot and it's so versatile!andreakornfeind@gmail.com

  57. 4.6.13
    Adriana said:

    chevron shorts or black and white maxi.. probably both 🙂

  58. 4.7.13
    Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said:

    Love the lace chevron shorts! ~Sarasara.strauss8922@yahoo.com

  59. 4.7.13
    Laura Estelle said:

    I love the Chevron Maxi skirt. So cute

  60. 4.7.13
    Erin C. Young said:

    love the two layer geo necklace and the

  61. 4.7.13
    Lelia Wendel said:

    I love the crystal gem bracelet and chevron bangles!

  62. 4.7.13
    JoEllen said:

    Love the triple chevron necklace!

  63. 4.7.13
    Lauleh said:

    Love the Falling Colors Bracelet!!!

  64. 4.7.13
    Monica C. Duarte said:

    Pretty ♥

  65. 4.7.13
    Sarah Morris said:

    LOVE the Chevron Sheer Bow Tank! Perfect under a blazer for work and then without for a night out!Sarah

  66. 4.7.13
    Meghan Ouellette said:

    That pink chevron dress would look great in my closet!!! i don't have anything chevron but I've fallen in love with this!!

  67. 4.7.13
    kimmie said:

    Love the chevron lace love. Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. 4.7.13
    Tiffany Johnson said:

    The bow back tank and maxi dresses!

  69. 4.7.13
    Mrs. L said:

    Love the Chevron dress!!

  70. 4.8.13
    Tina said:

    I love the bracelets or the boat neck top.

  71. 4.8.13
    Anonymous said:

    The chevron sheer bow tank is adorable!Jen T.

  72. 4.8.13
    Leah Yablong said:

    Love the chevron sheer bow tank!

  73. 4.9.13
    Karrie Harper said:

    Wannabe Chevron Pencil Skirt

  74. 4.9.13
    Jennifer P said:

    The lace chevron shorts are amazing! THANK YOU!Jennifer P

  75. 4.10.13
    Meg Kerr said:

    I would get the chevron maxi dress. It's adorable!

  76. 4.10.13
    Mel said:

    spring skinny jeans- must have!

  77. 4.11.13
    Sarah B said:

    Thanks for sharing them with me!! The chevron maxi skirt is calling my name 🙂

  78. 4.11.13
    paulielb39 said:

    I love the denim shorts!

  79. 4.11.13
    K Ciresi said:

    I love the dresses!

  80. 4.11.13
    DESPINA said:

    I love the Chevron Maxi Dress w/ PocketsDESPINAdeb_oro@yahoo.gr