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What are you wearing in April?

Happy Saturday!  So this morning I woke up to a snow covered ground, on April 20th! Seriously mother nature?! Granted it melted by now but nonetheless it snowed and it's COLD!

Set 1: top // pants // boots // coat // scarf // bag // ring // necklace
Set 2: Dress // jacket // bag // booties // necklace

Clearly I'm not wearing the exact items but you get the idea.  And that scarf is wishful thinking. If any of you want to get it for me I won't be mad at ;)

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!


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  1. I'm doing the same thing down here in Ann Arbor! There was snow when I left for work this morning, but it had mostly melted when I got home at noon. But still! My flowers are dying! Come on Michigan!

  2. Same thing going on here in Grand Rapids! Woke up to snow on the ground much for wearing my Spring clothes!

  3. You must be linving just around the corner and not on the other side of the North Atlantic - exactly the same here in Bavaria, Germany!
    You never know how to dress, a couple of days ago I was on my sun lounger in my bikini and today I gad to wear boots and a coat.
    I think we have adjust and layering spring clothes with jackets is the best idea.

    Lady of Style
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  4. Come to California! It's like 85 today. Down side-no cute cardigans today. So much for Spring...

  5. I agree with you, this weather has been ALL over the place! This week I wore cute skirts and cropped pants, but today I wore a sweatshirt! Love that second look, the mint bag makes it perfect.

    Did you get a new blog design?? I adore it!!


    1. Thanks :) I was messing with it yesterday and changed a couple of things (like all day haha).

  6. Did you really say snow? Oh honey! I'm so sorry. And I was just complaining about a little rain in Seattle.

    Beautiful outfits. I would totally do the first one.

  7. Ugh, we are expected to get snow tomorrow! So frustrating, especially since today its 66+ degrees! Mother Nature just needs to commit to Spring :). Love the peacoat in the first option, though. If we're forced to wear coats still they might as well be cute!


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