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Have any of you noticed the amazing stuff Target has been having lately? 
Tarj-ay has always had cute stuff, but not this much at once!  Can't decided if that's a good or a bag thing?! But one great thing is - it's all affordable. Yes, it can add up but it's still a LOT cheaper that similar pieces at certain store (no names ;) 

When I walked in the other day the word "wow" was used a lot...but I'm hoping it wasn't out loud. But it could have been. Can you blame a girl!? 

I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces. Just some. Seriously loving it all. If I just look at everything below I personally would never guess it came from Target. So thanks for stepping up your game Tar-jay! 

Vest - seriously, how amazing is this vest! I need to justify buying this. 

*update - buy 2 save 15%, buy 3 save 25% + free shipping when you spend $50

Have you picked up anything from Target lately? 


  1. Ooo I need to justify that vest too, super cute!!

    Kristina does the Internets

    1. It's kinda similar to the J.Crew houndstooth one (remember that craze) but can't beat this price.

  2. There is no justifying the vest...I'm buying it haha! Those rain boots are very Hunter-esque I like it.

  3. Haha, true...especially for that price :)

  4. The vest is so cute!
    I really love all the items though!

  5. That floral top and vest are soo adorable! I bought some cute sweaters from there and a gingham shirt but I need to go back they always have the cutest things!

  6. Ahhh! Thanks for the excuse to go to Target ;) Love not only the vest (amazing) but also that navy dress with leather sleeves.

  7. Shut up, I can't believe the things Target gets sometimes, SO trendy target! That vest and that jacket need to find there way into my closet NOW! <3

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  8. I know! I was in there yesterday and could have blown a fortune. I bought the leopard flats and some new black, ankle pants. I LOVE that red, floral shirt. Didn't see that in my Target yet. I'm really interested in how you would style that one because you always do such creative combinations that I'd never think of, so if you buy that one, please, please show us pictures of the outfits you create.

  9. I can't go in to Target sometimes because I will come out with all sorts of things! I think I just needed nail polish remover last time I went and bought things from every department! haha. this definitely does tempt me!

  10. ohhhh loving that vest! thanks for the picks lilly! xo

  11. Anonymous10/01/2013

    I cannot get enough of Target lately! It all started in the beginning of July and I have had an addiction since. It's bad, but oh so good:)

  12. I know! I have been so impressed with their stuff lately!! LOVING that vest and that dress!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash
    Instagram @sincerelymissash

  13. THIS is not helping a) my new body (hello bump) and b) my attempt to STAY AWAY from Target......

  14. I've been avoiding Target's style section lately for fear that my wallet may not recover. However, waiting for my JCrew Factory herringbone vest is killing me! I might have to snag that one....and a few more things! Thanks for the heads up!


  15. I've been loving the Target shoe section - comfortable, cheap and well-made...what more could you ask for? Love those rain boots you picked!

  16. With Those Prices No Justifying Is Needed!

  17. omg that TOTE! I need it - I've been looking for something that will carry my MacBook!

    Great picks!
    xo, Nina

  18. I love that vest & the cheetah print flats! I need to head over to target soon!

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  19. Lilly - if you get that vest I would love to see it styled! Can't picture it right now. Thanks for sharing all these great finds!

  20. How have I missed these items! Must procure! Thanks for sharing.

  21. It seems very hard for fashion / style blogs to make more conscious decisions when shopping -- what's the secret behind the dirt-cheap clothing from retailers like Target, Forever 21, Old Navy, etc? Sweatshop-like factories and cheap labor. I'm not criticizing anyone for their fashion choices, I just want to spread the word and hope people will put more thought into the clothing's whereabouts before buying.

  22. Wow, that satchel and skirt are really nice. hope they have them in my local store.


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