To buy or not to buy is the question?!

Hi, my name is Lilly and there might be just a slight possibility that I like to shop! And that might have been a “possibility” for a very long time now.  So I guess not much has changed since my early teen years.  With that said, lets get to the good stuff. 

 I can’t help myself…I have to share all the good stuff I come across, which somehow a decent amount of it ends up in my closet (how that happens is still a mystery people wink wink)

Since we’re leaving for out trip on Sunday, I needed a couple of things that I somehow didn’t have. Like bikini cover-ups.  But you know what happens when you look for just one thing?  Well, you either don’t find that one thing or you actually find it but also come across a ton of other stuff you realized you didn’t have but kinda need.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! #bloggerproblems

I’m been impressed with so many good pieces lately, therefore the ‘necessary’ intro.  So I guess now we’ll finally get onto the good stuff (this is why I’ll never make YouTube videos, I talk way to much)

This dress! Gorgeous. Had to have it. Ordered 

my usual size 4 (2 would have been perfect). Runs a bit big. Not a good look on me.  Sister tries, fits perfectly. Sister takes. Lilly sad. Lilly needs. You need! No, seriously. This dress is beautiful and flattering.  Top fitted, bottom a bit loose. Love! 

Lace Dress

Slouchy pants

Didn’t look for them, came across them, wanted them for our trip and just every day wear. My size sold out.  Small was ok but XS would have been a way better fit, so will have to order these online, but they’re perfect (and yes, I do like them better then the J.Crew ones I wore a while back).

Didn’t look for it, but found it and took it home, both gray and black. One can’t have too many tees.  I’m so in love with this shirt and the price is right. I’ll post a picture on my Instagram today or tomorrow to show you how nice it fits (at least I think it does).  I got size XS, didn’t want it too slouchy.

Sleeveless Tee

Why does this keep happening at the worst time possible? Ugh you amazing stuff I totally need. 

But seriously, I thought this was a fancy pants designer skirt and I can only admire it. But turns out it’s just under $100 (still not super cheap but it looks a lot more pricey than it truly is). Ah, so gorgeous and feminine! And the color is perfection! 

Mint Skirt

In case you missed my Facebook announcement yesterday…Tory Burch is having a mid-season sale on select items, umm..up to 40% off.  Just what I needed!!! Not! But…I got no excuses anymore. 

Anywho…this bag…ordered it in white. Or at least so I thought. Got order confirmation…apparently I ordered the red one (gorgeous but color to close to my Coach one). Called Customer Service 10 min after I placed the order…and after 20:03 minutes on hold…”orderes can’t be modified.”  ? ? ? But I just placed it! What do you mean you can’t change it? She could cancel it and I could go back home and place the correct order and hope the bag is still available! Thanks for nothing lady!  (how about a “thank you for holding” at least?)  I’m sorry, I love Tory Burch but Customer Service needs some serious improvement!!! Had to vent!

Robinson Mini Square Satchel

Debated if I should get this one instead (so pretty), only downside…can’t wear it cross-body. 

Hello pretty Espadrille. I like you! 

Oh, yea…I needed bikini cover-ups.  So this is what I found…

Pompom Trim Cover-up

Pretty, right? Of course it is, that’s why they didn’t have my size in store.

But, found this one in my size and love it!  It will serve it’s purpose. 

Eyelet cover-up

AND few more favorites… 

If you saw my Instagram post (made it to FB too) in love with this comfy dress along with these adorable d’Orsay flats.

There are a couple of more pieces but the ones I shared here are my absolute favorites! No lie! 

Wishing you a wonderful and warm weekend! 

I’ll be gone for a week so there might be a slight delay in email responses…

Thank you for reading! 


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  1. 5.16.14
    Ashley said:

    I have those drapey pants and loveeeeee them!! They are so comfy and I also have that sleevess tee in every colour too lol!! Have a great weekend! Xo AshSincerely Miss Ash

    • 5.16.14
      Lilly Style said:

      I'm so sad they didn't have my size at the store. Wanted them right away. Haha, totally justified have the tee in all colors, it's that amazing!

  2. 5.16.14
    Adrienne Scott-Trask said:

    Amazing!!Love that lace dress and that mint skirt!-Adrienne. xoCitizen of the WorldCitizen of the World

    • 5.16.14
      Lilly Style said:

      They are…so pretty and feminine.

  3. 5.16.14
    Danielle Arsenault said:

    I have the ocelot Tory Burch Kerrington and I love it and I wear it cross-body all the time!! The strap is def long enough! Just incase you needed an excuse to buy it 😉 xoxo Danielle @ For the Love of Leopard

    • 5.16.14
      Lilly Style said:

      Thank you for sharing Danielle! Definitely a huge bonus to be able to wear it cross-body…(might have ordered it already…:-o 😉

  4. 5.16.14
    Michele (The Salty Hanger) said:

    I'm technically "taking a break" from clothes shopping and focusing on just stuff for the house. However, we're headed on vacation in a few weeks and clearly you know what that means. I feel your pain as a fellow member of the "USSA" (Unexpected Sale Shoppers Anonymous).Cheers!-MicheleThe Salty Hanger

    • 5.16.14
      Lilly Style said:

      That's exactly what I said since we just moved haha. But then things like this happen…I find all these amazing pieces. I think I'm done for a while (don't we always say that haha). I like the "USSA"…haven't heard about it before 🙂

    • 5.16.14
      Michele (The Salty Hanger) said:

      There really should be weekly USSA meetings. With donuts. And a mall nearby…

    • 5.16.14
      Lilly Style said:

      Yes, I'm IN haha 😉

  5. 5.16.14
    Raefa Ghusein said:

    If you don't mind me asking, what size do you normally wear in pants? I'm trying to decide between the xs and small for the old navy pants and am usually a 2/4 depending on the store

    • 5.16.14
      Lilly Style said:

      I'm a size 2 most of the time, sometimes 0. Jeans 26 if that helps any 🙂 the small fit me but XS would have been a better fit.

    • 5.19.14
      Raefa Ghusein said:

      Thanks so much for your reply, that helps a lot:)

  6. 5.16.14
    Shira said:

    Stopppp I've been eyeing the first dress and the mint green skirt all week long but I have some gorgeous white dresses so I MUST STAY AWAY! :)

    • 5.16.14
      Lilly Style said:

      Haha. What makes it even better it's slightly off white… ;). I'm totally not helping lol

  7. 5.17.14
    OccasionallyAJ said:

    Love the sleeveless top and the eyelet coverup. That mint skirt looks very "lilly" ;-)

  8. 5.17.14
    Alicia said:

    To buy!!! I so love the cover ups. So perfect for Summer =)

  9. 5.19.14
    Happiness at Mid Life said:

    I have been tempted with the mint skirt – I keep going back to Piperlime to check it

  10. 5.21.14
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